Vodka and Food Pairing: What Goes Good With Vodka? Vodka and Food Pairing: What Goes Good With Vodka?

Vodka and Food Pairing: What Goes Good With Vodka?

Vodka and Food Pairing: What Goes Good With Vodka?

Generally, we don’t think of pairing spirits with food. It is strange that most of the alcohol and food pairings come within the wine world. Beer sometimes gets a look in, though it is never often a sophisticated pairing. Beer is often accompanied by salty, fried food that pairs well with its thin body and fizzy texture.

Wine has been paired with food since it was created. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who donate ideas for wine pairings with food. The texture, depth, and characteristics of the wine are carefully considered and teamed up with some lovely food. Vodka, until now, has not had this careful consideration.

When thinking about what food goes well with vodka and what vodka and food pairings exist, it entirely depends on how it's drunk. We will break down some different food ideas to pair with vodka. These will depend on the things to mix vodka with, and what to drink vodka with in terms of mixers and cocktail ingredients.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to drink vodka. These drinks can make the vodka taste a bit more intense or can be delivered in a wonderfully mellow way. Generally, vodka doesn’t have an intense flavor which actually makes it really easy to pair with different types of food.

Vodka Highball

highball vodka

If you’re used to a highball being a whiskey cocktail, we’re here to clear up the confusion. A highball cocktail is defined as a tall drink that has ice, a spirit, and a soft drink mixer. Highball cocktails are most commonly referred to with soda water, though tonic water is a really popular drink too.

Vodka soda and vodka tonic cocktails are wildly popular. The vodka soda and lime, also affectionately referred to as the ‘skinny bitch’ cocktail, is one of the most favored mixed drinks in the world. It is light, relatively not bad for you in terms of calories, and isn’t going to get you messed up at the start of the night.

These cocktails are perfect all-rounders when it comes to pairing with food. These are great drinks for when you go out for less healthy food to limit the caloric intake. This makes them great for pizza night, burgers, or anything else that you want to minimize the calories for!

Neat/On The Rocks

vodka on the rocks

This is where you can truly taste the vodka. Vodka on the rocks is a delicious way to drink this smooth spirit. The first sip, if you’re not used to it, will be a burst of flavor and mellow mouthfeel that will prove addictive. People often take vodka in shots though we feel that sipping it is a much nicer way to drink it.

Vodka, like other spirits, works really well with salty food. Vodka on the rocks would work really nicely with Japanese food. The delicacy of the sushi would be a perfect pairing. Similarly, the fragrance and brightness of Thai food would be a beautiful combination.


martini vodka

This is certainly the most iconic vodka cocktail. Made popular through movies and generally being a cool drink, the martini is a favorite around the world. This drink is commonly drunk with vodka, though gin has also become popular of late. It is one of the most customizable cocktails in the world as well.

Martinis are a bit of an old-school staple. There are some establishments where you’re guaranteed a great version of it. Places like old-school steakhouses, Brasseries, Bistros, Osterias, and Trattorias are bound to offer a great martini. The food in these places often tends to be rich and decadent.

Martinis and steak go hand in hand. They couldn’t be more different in terms of flavor, texture, and brightness. You don’t want something overly smoky like barbecue as it will overpower, though a beautifully grilled fish dish would go well also. The martini should be a great companion all through these classic venue’s many offerings.

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screwdriver vodka

If you’re not a fan of Bloody Mary’s you’ll know this drink well. The screwdriver cocktail is the brunch staple drink that pairs vodka and orange juice in an understated, delicious mixture. The orange juice addition makes it perfect for daytime drinking and a worthy source of vitamin C as well!

The screwdriver will be a fabulous drink to have with your ideal brunch offerings. Things like poached eggs on avocado on toast is a hit. Other savory brunch ideals like a cooked breakfast of sausages, toast, etc will be grand. They’re not great with milk-based things like cereal, oatmeal, and other sweet things like waffles and pancakes.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading about some wonderful vodka and food pairings and figured out what goes best with vodka in what situation! Do whatever you wish when it comes to mixing vodka, and follow our guide for things to mix with vodka. Remember, we’ve got some fabulous vodkas at amazing prices at our online store!