Different Types Of Rum: Exploring the World of Rum

Types Of Rum

Different Types Of Rum: Exploring the World of Rum

Rum has got a reputation for being a fun drink. Rum has historically taken the fancy of people living in paradise, or pirates roaming the oceans searching for riches. It tends to have a sweeter flavor but still can find itself in many forms. Rum is an old spirit that has been made by home brewers and production houses long before its mass production.

Rum is made from sugar cane. Sugar cane produces all different kinds of rum, which gives it its sweeter character. Sugar cane only grows in warm countries that have tropical rainforests. Brazil, India, China, and Thailand are the biggest producers of the crop, despite the best types of rum being associated with the Caribbean.

Sugar cane is treated in the same way any grain is treated to make a spirit. It is harvested, fermented, and distilled, before undergoing an aging process or not. Rum is accepted equally in all its varieties with all the different types of rum having a place in classic cocktails and mixology across the world. We will break down each different types of rum, how they are made, and some favorite uses of them.

White Rum

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White rum is a clear, light expression of the spirit that can be made in two different ways. Oftentimes, white rum is aged in stainless steel barrels that don’t donate as much flavor and do not change its color at all. Sometimes, it is aged in oak barrels and filtered out of all of its colors. You can definitely tell the difference in our opinion!

White rum is often aged for far less time than dark rum. This allows it to maintain a lighter, sweeter profile that lends itself to many potential mixed drinks. The flavor of white rum won’t get in the way of other flavor profiles as much as darker rum might.

Though there are different types of white rum, it doesn’t particularly matter when it comes to making cocktails. Some classic cocktails that utilize the strengths of white rum are the mojito, hurricane, and daiquiri. Try subbing white rum for dark rum in any of these cocktails and notice how different they taste!

White rum pairs beautifully with citrus and isn’t too lost when added to ice. Particularly with mojitos, the crushed ice and mint can be easily overpowered by a stronger, more robust dark rum.

Dark Rum

Probably the most popular of all the rums, this is probably the drink you might associate with pirates drinking straight out of the bottle. Dark rum is made in the same way as white rum, though it often spends longer in charred American oak barrels. The spirit is unfiltered after the aging process which is why it has a darker brown color. 


Dark rum has a much more robust flavor profile, boasting oaky spice, some hints of vanilla, as well as some toasted notes. This makes it a little bit more varied and when aged well, can be drunk and tasted as eloquently as whiskey. 

There are so many types of rum brands that we love, but the Cuban and Bajans are our favorites. Some of the most classic dark rum cocktails are dark and stormy, any kind of rum punch, Mai Tai, and the Piña colada.

Nothing says holiday time quite like a dark rum cocktail! If you want something you can make at home, we also recommend the Cuba Libre. Simply squeeze a bunch of lime (around ½ or whole lime per drink!) over plenty of ice, add some dark rum, and pour over your favorite cola. Serve and instantly enjoy.

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Spiced Rum

Spiced rum is an amazing spirit. It is truly unique in the spirit game, there is nothing really quite like it. Just when you think you know what to expect from your brown liquor, you are hit with a wave of amazing, deep, complex flavor. Spiced rums are perfect for people who like their sweetness married to some other flavors.

Spiced rum is generally made by adding in your spice blend towards the end of the aging process. Every company will have its own spin on the process, but the spices don’t need that long to infuse. Some common spices are cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorn, citrus peel, nutmeg, and many more.

There aren’t any popular classic cocktails that specifically require spiced rum as an ingredient, though we love making a Havana Mule (this is not the official name) by adding spiced rum to ginger beer and lime.

Flavored Rum

There is only one flavored rum that everyone will be familiar with. That is Malibu. Malibu is technically a coconut liqueur that is made from Carribean Rum. It is only 42 proof which is why it cannot be classified as a rum, though it tastes quite like one!

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Malibu is amazing for punches, cocktails, or just general deliciousness. We love adding some to a piña colada for extra sweetness and tropical delight.

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We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about the wonders of rum. It is truly one of those amazing Online spirits that unite people and helps everyone let their hair down. We absolutely love rum at CWS. Have a look at our online store to get some incredible rums delivered straight to your door today.