Top 10 Best Spirits to Try in 2022 Top 10 Best Spirits to Try in 2022

Top 10 Best Spirits to Try in 2022

Top 10 Best Spirits to Try in 2022

The world of alcohol is getting a lot of positive attention at the moment. Whereas alcohol was associated with debaucherous drinking, bad health, and addiction in the past, it is now seen as a hobby.

New alcohol producers have taken a look at the production process of many alcohols and asked, how can we make this better? For so long the big brand spirits dominated the market and bars, focusing on profit rather than flavor. New brands have emerged, 

producing smaller batch products, with a greater focus on flavor.

We will highlight the top 10 spirits that you should definitely try in 2022. Some are brand new, some are a bit older, but certainly the wiser. We will also explain why it might be a good idea to buy spirits online going forward. 

1. Rey Compero Tepextate Mezcal

One of the biggest emerging markets has been Mezcal. Mezcal bars have been opening up everywhere, showcasing a range of delicious spirits. They are often paired alongside some amazing Mexican food.Rey Compero Tepextate Mezcal

Mezcal bars are great because it is a unique drink and one that needs to be served in the right way. That is no different for this Rey Compero Tepextate Mezcal. Tepextate is a variety of agave that Rey Compero allows to mature for 15-18 years!

This Mezcal, like most, should be sipped neat from a copita. It is not as intensely smokey as other Mezcals, with many bright citrus and floral notes to boast.

2. Cazabel Reposado

Cazabel Reposado

In the current climate, Tequila is probably even more popular than Mezcal. Many celebrities have tried their hand at starting tequila brands, breaking all sorts of sales records, and gaining acclaim.

Cazabel, founded in 2014, is the real deal. Without the glitz and glamor of Hollywood marketing, Cazabel is a no-frills, premium tequila. Aged for around 9 months in American oak, this reposado is clean, smooth, delicately sweet, and delicious.

Tequila has become incredibly popular for so many reasons. It is a super low-calorie drink that can be drunk straight with ease. In order to drink a spirit straight, however, you need a bottle like this premium tequila.

3. Bulleit Rye 

Bulleit Rye

This is by far the most popular spirit on this list. Bulleit has become a wildly popular brand in this century, now able to be found around the world, at so many watering holes. While their bourbon
has found its new global home, their rye is far less popular.

Bulleit rye goes incredibly in an Old Fashioned cocktail. It is a tiny bit sweeter than other ryes, while a lot of the woody, smoky notes follow in the aftertaste. The result is an incredibly east-to-drink cocktail that will keep you coming back for more.

4. Hazy Dark Spice Rum

In a growing health-conscious world, we as humans are always looking for new ways to improve our health and wellbeing. CBD has been spearheading the modern version of this movement. 

With potential health benefits for anxiety, joint pain, recovery, bodily function, and many more, people all over the world are diving into this holistic movement.

Hazy Dark Spice Rum is a rum from the UK, best served over ice with ginger beer or ginger ale. It is quite hard to find overseas, so it would be a great idea to get into buying spirits online here.

5. White Claw

While technically considered a hard seltzer, White Claw has taken the world by storm. Founded in 2016, this brand has emerged as one of the fan favorites across the world. It is light, refreshing, not too strong, and relatively healthy. A white claw will set you back ⅔ of the calories for beer.

Made with gluten-free malted alcohol, blended with flavorings and seltzer water, this drink works for so many occasions. It is only 5% alcohol, so it is great if you are not trying to get too sloshed at a party or in the sun.

6. Etsu Japanese Gin

A few years ago, the Japanese Whiskey movement took the industry by storm. Producing fairly expensive, incredible tasting products. Many of those products are still in regular rotations across western houses.

In more recent times, the Japanese have taken a focus on gin. Etsu, from the northern island of Hokkaido, are one of the frontrunners for best global gin producer at the moment. 

Using classic Japanese ingredients as botanicals such as tea leaves and yuzu, this gin is amazingly floral, bright, and balanced.

7. Rum Ting

Rum Ting

Britain has always had a huge Caribbean culture. One of the many amazing things that Caribbean people brought with them is rum. Rum has always been the best in the Caribbean, with many islands having a huge industry as a result of their product.

Rum comes from sugar cane, and sugar cane grows in warm climates. Britain is certainly not that, and so has begun importing its own sugar cane to produce its own rum.

Rum Ting are East London producers that have a passion for rum. They are producing a flavor that aligns with some classic repurposed British flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves.

8. Elephant Sloe Mezcal

Elephant Sloe Mezcal

A true piece of innovation. Elephant gins have produced a marriage to rival the very greatest in the world. It is quite hard to find in regular mom and pop stores, so we recommend for this, you buy liquor online.

They produce this spirit by macerating new and used sloe berries in Mezcal San Cosme. The smoky flavors and smooth textures pair incredibly with the sweetness and sharpness of the sloe gin.

We would certainly recommend if you are going to buy liquor online, you have a crack at this. It can be enjoyed equally as well straight or in a cocktail. Why not try it in a Charlie Chaplin?

9. Sapling Climate Positive Vodka

Sapling Climate Positive Vodka

One thing that everyone needs to have right at the forefront of their minds in 2022 is the climate crisis. Unfortunately, the human race has to make these changes ourselves in order to save the earth.

Sapling is a UK liquor company that is producing amazing, carbon-neutral spirits. For every bottle sold, a tree is planted. 

They claim a tree can absorb up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in it’s lifetime. Making one bottle of their vodka emits up to 2.5kg of carbon. This is clearly an amazing trade!

10. Sipsmith Freeglider Non-Alcoholic

Sipsmith Freeglider Non-Alcoholic

This is by no means a suggestion to stop drinking alcohol, but many people in 2022 are becoming aware of their drinking habits. ‘Dry January’ tends to make people more aware of the times they overconsume alcohol, and creates periods where people abstain from drinking.

This no longer means that you just have to drink juice or soft drinks. Sipsmith, a stellar English gin producer, has created a wonderful alcohol-free spirit. The bright citrus notes and sharp finish will make you think you’re drinking the regular stuff!

Thank you for reading our suggestions for some new spirits to try in 2022. We hope there is a wide range of options that are suitable for all palates, desired strengths, and occasions.

Some of these are going to be a bit harder to find in regular shops. So if you need, you can get to buying spirits online for many of these options.