Gin has witnessed a renaissance recently, with more and more people admiring this drink. Due to this, the annual sales of Gin worldwide have increased rapidly, making it one of the most favored spirits in the world. In addition to that, like all other spirits, Gin too has its own unique health benefits.

In the medieval times, Gin was used as a form of herbal medicine due to its many healthy properties. Even though it would be difficult to list out all the health benefits of Gin here, below are some of the most recognized ones.


A recent study revealed that moderate alcohol consumption could reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cataract. The juniper berries present in Gin can reinforce the connective tissues that run through our veins. It also contains flavonoids that prevent arteries from getting clogged.

Skin Care

Juniper berries are the key ingredients in Gin, and these berries are known to play a great part in skin care. They contain many antioxidants that help in regenerating cells for a fresher and healthy looking skin. This can further aid in reducing the many imperfections on our face, such as wrinkles.

Low calories

Gin contains the least amount of calories (around a meager 97 calories in a shot). So apparently, Gin is a drink consumed without any calorie conscious worries. The presence of juniper berries can further assist in good digestion.

Eases Bloating

Juniper berries acts as a natural diuretic, which is the reasons why it is such a good alternative for relieving bloating. Switching to Gin is a better way for avoiding bloating, which is common among other alcoholic drinks.

Joint Pain Relief

Juniper berries is also a tested remedy for arthritis and rheumatism. Gin soaked raisins, when consumed on a daily basis, can be an extremely reliable source for curing joint pain.

Cough Relief

Gin is a natural remedy for alleviating coughs and other respiratory diseases. The oils in juniper can remove excess mucous from the throat, thereby promoting lung congestion. Gin can also be taken mixed with many different herbs like ginger for better relief from sore throat.

Fighting Kidney and Liver disease

The ingredients present in Gin are an active remedy for curing many diseases associated with the liver and kidney. The drink help in flushing out the body of toxins by preventing water retention.

Safest Drink for Diabetic Patients

According to a research study, Gin remains the safest drinks for people with Type-1 diabetes. Its medicinal qualities and meager amounts of calories make it the ideal choice for diabetic patients.