SURVIVING A HANGOVER - Country Wine & Spirits


Surviving a hangover is a deep task indeed; in your earlier age, it is much easier to drink without many consequences, but as you get older, your body has a more difficult time recovering from a lot of alcohol the night before. Enjoy these wonderful hangover cures to get you back to tip top shape:

If it is at all possible, go for a nice swim; the cold water will sharpen the brain and cleanse the body. If you have access to a steam room at a gym, go to it after your swim for better results; you’ll be able to sweat out the booze more quickly. When there is no steam room or pool nearby, take a cold shower instead.

Drinking Coca-Cola’s full calorie version extra cold over ice will help your hangover because of all the sugar and caffeine in it; this will help with a much needed boost. After the soda, drink tea, not coffee; coffee will dehydrate you.

Whenever hung-over, always make sure to look and smell your best; moisturizing and careful grooming, as well as a change of clothes will mask most of the smell from the night before in case you weren’t able to make it home. Make sure to chew gum and brush your teeth; it will make you feel better and more refreshed.

Take a power nap; many of your woes are usually caused by a lack of sleep. A 20 minute power nap is usually all you need to feel livelier; make sure not to doze off for longer than 20 minutes because you may actually feel worse after waking.

When you get the hunger cravings in the morning, avoid meat; it will not make you feel better. Have fruit, granola, or yogurt. Enjoy it well, and feel better soon.