Patrón X Guillermo Del Toro – Too Cool to Drink Patrón X Guillermo Del Toro – Too Cool to Drink

Patrón X Guillermo Del Toro – Too Cool to Drink

Patrón X Guillermo Del Toro – Too Cool to Drink

The popular tequila brand Patron has partnered with the writer/director Guillermo del Toro to offer a limited edition tequila. This new collaboration between the acclaimed writer/director and Patron has resulted in the production of a 750 ml bottle of extra añejo and a 100 ml bottle of Patrón orange liqueur. In the opinion of experts, the drink is “deliciously evil.”

The tequila was announced by Patron on National Tequila Day. Patron and Guillermo del Toro have made the ultimate tequila to honor the dead and to use as a great conversation starter. The box illustrations, bottle design, and the drink are crafted meticulously to show the haunting beauty of the works of del Toro while showing off the spirit of Mexican culture.

This extra añejo tequila was matured for about five years in a mixture of new and used barrels. The box was designed by Guillermo del Toro himself, which when opened, transforms into an altar equipped with two candles. The two bottles inside the box transform into a winged creature with the larger 750 ml extra añejo bottle sitting upside down to form the torso and the smaller orange liqueur bottle sitting on the top to form the skull of the creature.

This limited edition drink is available here and can be preordered at popular online liquor Store on a first come first serve basis. The tequila features designs that are inspired by the agave plant and Mexico's Day of the Dead. The smaller skull shaped bottle is the first of its kind orange liqueur made from aged Patrón tequila. The tequila in the main bottle has a bright golden color that has the flavor and smell of light honey, raisins, and nuts, with slight oak and vanilla. You can feel the long finish of agave and oak.

If you are not a tequila drinker, you will need to make an exception for this blood red concoction from Patron and Guillermo del Toro. In the opinion of tequila experts, Patrón X Guillermo del Toro is a perfect blend of two masters, one of tequila, and the other of dark movies. In fact, the intricately designed bottle is provided with dark images that reflect the take of the renowned director/writer on Mexican culture.