Our Favorite Drinking Games

Our Favorite Drinking Games - Country Wine & Spirits

Our Favorite Drinking Games

Even though having a drink with your friends and loved ones is enjoyable on its own, sometimes you want to kick things up a notch! If you've made some orders from Country Wine & Spirits and are looking for a fun way to enjoy your purchases, you've come to the right place. We'll be listing five of our favorite drinking games.

The search for exciting ways to enjoy an alcoholic beverage has been ongoing, possibly since alcoholic drinks were first invented. Archaeologists have yet to find evidence of drinking games being played with the first-ever alcoholic beverages in Mesopotamia. Still, the earliest evidence dates back to Greece in the 5th century BC. Before we get to our list of drinking games, we have to remind you to drink responsibly!

Beer Pong

The first game on our list is, of course, the #1 classic: beer pong. A game of pure skill and precision, beer pong can be played one-on-one or in teams of two. You'll need to set up disposable cups in the shape of a pyramid, on opposite ends of a ping pong table, or any rectangular table. Fill each cup with your desired amount of brew, and you're ready to play! Each player will take a turn standing behind their end of the table, and attempt to toss a ping pong ball into the opponent's cups. Each successful toss means the opponent takes a drink. These simple rules are the basis, so feel free to make changes or house rules to your liking!

King's Cup

For those looking for a more cerebral experience in their drinking game, we recommend King's Cup. This game is fairly simple to set up and is perfect if you don't have any disposable cups on hand because all you need is a standard deck of playing cards, a table to play on, and something to drink! Set an empty glass in the center of the playing area, then shuffle and spread out the cards face-down in a ring around the empty glass. Players sit around the circle of cards and take turns pulling one playing card, each having a different meaning. Breaking the ring of cards means that the player will have to take a drink.

  • Ace | Waterfall | The player who drew this card begins drinking and starts a chain beginning on their left. Once the ace-holder stops drinking, the player to their left can stop, and so on.
  • 2 | You | The card-drawer chooses a player to take a drink.
  • 3 | Me | The card-drawer takes a drink.
  • 4 | Floor | Once this card is drawn, all players must point to the floor. The last to point has to take a drink
  • 5 | Guys | All men at the table take a drink.
  • 6 | Chicks| All women at the table take a drink.
  • 7 | Heaven | Players must raise their hands, the last to raise their hand takes a drink.
  • 8 | Mate | The card-drawer chooses another player, who then has to take a drink every time the card-drawer drinks.
  • 9 | Rhyme | The person who draws this card chooses a word, and the other players must come up with words that rhyme. First to fail takes a drink.
  • 10 | Categories | The card-drawer chooses a category, and the other players name things in that category until someone fails to think of one. They then take a drink.
  • Jack | All | Everyone around the table takes a drink.
  • Queen | Rules | Each player that draws a queen creates a rule, such as "no use of names" or "no cursing." When a rule is broken, that player must drink.
  • King | King's Cup | The player pours an amount of their choice into the King's Cup in the center of the table. When the final king is drawn, that player must drink the King's Cup, and the game may end.

Flip Cup

Our next two games are for those looking for a game that'll get your heart rate up. In Flip Cup, players are separated into two teams, lined up along sides of a table. In front of each player is a disposable cup with an amount of beer of your choosing. The two players across from each other must drink, place their cups on the edge of the table, and then try to flip it so it lands face down on the table. Then the next player on their team continues, and so on.

Rage Cage

Another fast-paced competition, Rage Cage requires a group of disposable cups filled with your desired amount of beer placed in the middle of a table. Players stand around the table, and two adjacent players with ping pong balls pick a cup, drink it, and then attempt to bounce the ball into that cup. If successful, the cup and ball are passed to the next player. If the next player is currently trying to bounce the ball into the cup, then the successful player stacks their empty cup onto the next player's cup. The stack passes the still-bouncing player, and they must choose a new cup to drink and then bounce the ball into. If the ball is bounced into your cup on the first try, then it can be placed in front of any player.

Never Have I Ever

Our last drinking game recommendation is something you're probably familiar with. Players take turns making a statement with the format "Never have I ever…" and each player who has done the action in the statement must take a drink. The game can continue as long as you like, can be limited by holding up your fingers, or until your drink is finished. It's all up to the players' statements to decide how exciting this game gets!