For all of those out there that enjoy a drink every now and then, whiskey can be a glorious option for you if you learn to enjoy it. Starting with something smooth is a great way to introduce yourself to whiskey. Some Irish blends such as Clontarf or Tullamore are perfect for that. If you like something sweet, a rye called Bulleit or Redemption are great; they have easy going flavors with a ton of character to keep your palate engaged.

Drinking whiskey is a lot like getting into a romantic relationship. It means you are looking for a long lasting relationship over just a quick shot. You don’t need to be in a hurry to get drunk, you’ll want to taste everything that this drink has to offer. If you use a wide and tall glass, it will let the alcohol breathe, which allows your nose to be able to smell all of the amazing things happening inside of your glass.

If you would like to be able to detect different flavors in your whiskey, make sure not to mix it with sodas because the sugar and other flavors will overwhelm the flavor of the whiskey. If you order a cask strength whiskey, it’s going to burn your tongue and throat a bit, so try adding a splash of water to it to reveal how much the flavor opens up.

Adding ice is okay, but it will make the flavors dissipate over just enjoying the warm whiskey all on its own. Swirling your whiskey in the glass for a minute will allow some of the alcohol to evaporate, thus leading to wonderful smells of oak and vanilla to your nose. The more you swirl, the better the smell becomes. Just enjoy the whiskey and drink it slowly. It may burn a little, but it will be like a trumpet playing in the background of a smooth jazz session rather than it blaring into your ear. It can be quite lovely.

Make sure to get a good quality whiskey, not just a cheap bottle. Try Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey. A $30 bottle will be just perfect for beginners. You can even ask others what they like, or get a bartenders recommendation. If you are young, you may not like the taste of whiskey, but as you get older, your taste buds may just change their mind. If you end up getting a whiskey that is just plain awful, try figuring out what wasn’t good about it. You can describe what you didn’t like about it so you can get a new recommendation, then you can move onto something else. There is a lot of loveliness in the right bottle of whiskey if you just give it a try. Enjoy all it has to offer.