Learn a little bit about alcohol today

Learn a little bit about alcohol today - Country Wine & Spirits

Learn a little bit about alcohol today

If you’re above the legal drinking age to have a nice glass of wine or a cocktail, then it can always be fun to learn something new about where your alcohol originated from, and how it became as popular as it is today. There is actually a soil from one of the vineyards in France that is considered so precious that it is mandatory for workers to scrape the soil off their shoes before they leave. Be careful when opening a bottle of Premium Champagne Because the pressure in the bottle is 90 pounds per square inch; that is three times the pressure in automobile tires. That could definitely hurt if you aim it at someone. If you think you’re a big drinker, just know that Sir Winston Churchill was one of the world’s heaviest drinkers. I wonder just how much he could actually drink.

In the United States, they have the highest minimum drinking age in the entire world. The world’s oldest recipe is for beer. That would be really great to try the first ever beer made. If you are trying to pass a breathalyzer (which you should always make sure you are driving safely first), just know that the alcohol content of a typical beer, wine, or spirits is virtually identical. A drink is a drink, so always drink responsibly. Brandy, rum, and whisky can either be aged too long or not long enough. If you’re a champagne drinker, you’ll find it fascinating that there are an estimated 49,000,000 bubbles in a bottle of it. That’s a whole lot of bubbles for one bottle. It will sure fizzle on your tongue.

Beer only started selling in bottles starting in 1850, and in cans starting in 1935. In the 1600’s, thermometers used to be filled with Brandy instead of mercury; sounds tasty. Many high school cafeterias in Europe serve alcohol to students who chose to drink. If you’re looking to avoid gaining a lot of weight while drinking, just remember that distilled spirits such as brandy, gin, rum, tequila, etc. contain no carbohydrates, no fats, and no cholesterol of any kind.

That’s a great bit of info especially for woman watching their figure. President Abraham Lincoln held a liquor license and operated several taverns. That must have made him much more likeable than he already was. Alcohol is interesting and unique. There are so many wonderful things to learn about your next drink. Enjoy.