HOW TO TASTE WINE LIKE A PRO - Country Wine & Spirits


Many wine lovers would love to learn how to evaluate a glass of wine and taste it like a pro. If you are new to the world of wines, then this might seem a little bit challenging initially. However, you will be able to master this technique with a few tips and tricks.

Tasting a glass of wine will certainly evoke almost all the senses in your body. You will initially have to take a close look at the color of the wine and then taste it. Tasting a wine in the proper way could considerably improve the way you enjoy the drink. Below are a few simple tips that will help you taste wine like a pro.


Make sure to fill your glass to just one-third of the glass. Now, look at the wine in the glass from different angles. Begin by looking straight down at it and then tilt it from one side to another. This will help you to see the full range of colors in the drink. The color of the drink gives a clear indication of the saturation and density.


The smell of the wine will help you evaluate the quality of the drink. When you are sniffing the drink, try to check if there are any “off” smells. These smells clearly indicate that the wine is spoiled. You might also be able to pick up an earthy floral scent from the drink. However, make sure to note the fact that the barrel in which the wine was aged will also have a considerable effect on the flavor and smell of the drink.


The next thing to do is to slowly sip the drink, as it will help you distinguish the flavors of the drink. Try to pay attention to each flavor of the wine when you taste it. The flavors of most wine products will effectively balance each other to offer a delicious taste to it. If you are able to identify the taste of each flavor, then you will be able to taste and evaluate all wine products like a pro. Make sure to follow these simple tips when you order liquor online next time.