One of the important things that differentiate boyhood from manhood is the understanding about alcohols – what to drink, where, and how. It is true that the world has changed a lot and men no longer have three martini lunches, however, liquor is still a part of our culture and lives.

When we think of manly people, they will often have liquor in their hands. You may consider the likes of Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, and many more. In fact, the list is unending. Yet this does not mean that you need to become a walking encyclopedia of drinks to be manly. You just need to make sure that you have the necessary knowledge to avoid awkwardness when you are trying to impress someone or when having a drink with colleagues.

It is good to understand the basics of liquor to avoid embarrassment. Alcoholic drinks can be classified into three types; beer, wine, and liquor. Among the three, beer has the least content of alcohol in it, ranging from three to six percent normally. There are also the craft beers that offer a variety of flavors and more alcohol. Craft beer will have fourteen to twenty percent alcohol usually.

Wine is available in four styles: red, rose, white, and sparkling, with alcohol content ranging from ten to fifteen percent. Fruit and savory flavors are used to describe the taste of wine and the sugar levels of wines will range from sweet to dry. A rule of thumb in wine and food pairing is red wine with red meat, and white wine with chicken and fish, but keep in mind that there aren't any unbreakable rules in wine pairing.

Wine and beer is a vast area and you could spend your whole life studying the details, but never know everything about both. The best way here is to find a style that suits you the most. You can find a wine that can complement the food you eat. Beer and wine are often consumed with food, but the main purpose of liquor consumption is to get loose.

Liquor is referred to as a social lubricant that loosens inhibitions and relaxes the mind. A good drink can take the edge off your tension. Experts say that we do not think much when we are drunk and that can be helpful at times, but make sure that you do not drink when you have to do things like driving, where thinking and decision-making are very important. Keep these important points in mind while you order alcohol online the next time.