Few Unknown Facts about Scotch Whiskey

Few Unknown Facts about Scotch Whiskey - Country Wine & Spirits

Few Unknown Facts about Scotch Whiskey

Scotch whiskey, which is also referred to as Scotch, is actually a malt or grain whiskey produced in Scotland. Scotch was originally manufactured from malted barley, and it was later in the 18th century, when wheat and rye were used in the manufacturing of the alcohol. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about one of the finest drinks in the world.

Scotch Whiskey

The Name

The term “whiskey” is originated from the Gaelic word “Uisce beatha,” which means “water of life”. It is believed that this name was used because monks used whiskey for medicinal purposes.

The Origin

The initial reference regarding the production of Scotch is surprisingly from Ireland, and not from Scotland. It is assumed that monks began the production of Scotch in Ireland in the late 15th century, which then moved to Scotland.

Scotland’s Economy

Scotland accounts for the enormous export rate of Scotch whiskey, and almost 38 bottles are exported from Scotland every second. The Scotland government earns £125 every second for the export of Scotch and almost one in 50 jobs in the country belongs to the liquor industry. More than 100 distilleries are located in five regions in Scotland for the production of Scotch.

The Age

The number of years listed in the Scotch bottle may not be accurate, as the chances of the Scotch being older are high. The age on the label, in fact, refers to the number of years the spirit has spent inside the cask.

The Barrel Magic

Barrel Magic

The scotch has a clear color before being transported into the barrel. The interaction with the barrel results in the color change. The amount of spirit in the barrel declines at the rate of 4 percent per year and the evaporated spirit is called the “angels share”. More than 40 percent of the spirit will be claimed by angels after 25 years.


The main classifications of Scotch whiskey are blended whiskey, single grain whiskey, blended malt whiskey, and single malt whiskey. A sealed bottle of whiskey if left undisturbed will last for almost a century, whereas an opened bottle of Scotch will last approximately five years.