Fascinating Facts about Sake

Fascinating Facts about Sake

Fascinating Facts about Sake

Sake, the trademark Japanese drink, is a common household name across the world. The birth of more brands making Sake with several distinctive flavors has led to its continued popularity among the people of Japan. The craving for this traditional drink has even felt its presence in numerous thriving overseas markets such as the United States and Europe.

Thanks to the pioneering innovations in the distilling of Sake by different manufacturers, the drink has attained a true global status much like its distant counterparts, Whiskey and Vodka. Most online liquor websites sell premium and different varieties of Sake at the best prices. Below are some interesting yet equally informative facts about this traditional Japanese drink.


First produced in China around 4800 BC, Sake is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. It then spread to Japan, where it underwent several developments that led to the creation of the true Sake, which is available to us today. Mostly the drink was used in many ceremonial and religious occasions and was known as “The Drink of the Gods”.

Sake Rice

Sake is made from a special variety of rice called Saka Mai or Sake Rice. Compared to the rice commonly used for food, the grains of Sake Rice are much larger. Moreover, the grains exhibit more whiteness than normal rice with its unique core. Most manufacturers also tend to polish this white core for enhancing the delicacy and flavor of the Sake wine.

Ingredients and Fermentation

Sake is composed of four main natural ingredients: rice, yeast, koji, and water. The absence of sulfites, as well as gluten, makes Sake healthy and easier on the stomach. Sake is brewed like beer and it undergoes multiple fermentation processes. Along with that, a saccharification method is also involved while making Sake, which converts the ingredients into sugar to compensate for the lack of sugar naturally available in the ingredients.

Sake Tradition

The traditional nature of Sake has attributed it to numerous rules called o-shaku. In this tradition, pouring a glass of Sake to others means expressing your respect and friendship. Mindfulness is also associated while enjoying Sake and is more important than anything is.

Ginjo Sake

Ginjo is rated as the highest quality type of Sake. Specially made from polished rice and under strict temperature-controlled fermentation, Ginjo Sake is renowned for its purity in taste and aroma. It is quite rare, and accounts for only 13 percent of the entire Sake production in the whole of Japan.

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