Fall into a fall cocktail with some delicious and fun options out there today. Mixes are easily becoming a popular choice when it comes to ordering a drink. You can even make a tasty one yourself. Try ‘green with envy.’ It’s sweet, cold, and semi good for you. It’s mixed with a large green apple, simple syrup, ice, chilled sake, and chilled brewed green tea. It’s refreshing and enticing during a calm fall day. A nice and exciting drink is called ‘cranberry Caipirinha.’ It comes from the traditional Brazilian Caipirinha, but with an African flare.

It comes with cranberries, lime, and a bit of Scandinavian aquavit. ‘Pear of Desire’ is sure to entice your taste buds. This drink is mixed with ice, citrus vodka, Licor 43 (citrus and vanilla flavored liqueur), pear juice, cream soda, chilled ginger ale, and pear slices for a garnish. It’s a delicate delight to say the least. Whiskey lovers come forth! A ‘Gaelic Punch’ is such a treat. It’s made with freshly grated nutmeg, Demerara (or other raw sugar), boiling water, Irish whiskey, lemon zest and cloves for garnish. The mix is strong and powerful.

If you enjoy a nice glass of champagne, then you must try a ‘red grape & coconut refresher.’ It’s made with dark brown sugar, seedless red grapes, a few halved grapes, Ciroc vodka, unsweetened coconut water, crushed ice, and chilled champagne. It’s an elegant and fun drink to have for fall. A traditional Bloody Mary is good in itself, but try a ‘Kimchi Bloody Mary.’ It has added flavor of pureed kimchi along with a bit of Sriracha chile sauce.

The flavors will make your mouth feel like it’s on fire for a second, but it is also refreshing at the same time. It’s like a confusing flavor that will keep you coming back for more. You’ll love it! Try a new drink today.