Alcoholic Drinks And Weight Loss

Alcoholic Drinks And Weight Loss - Country Wine & Spirits

Alcoholic Drinks And Weight Loss

It is true that diet and alcohol do not go well together. This is the reason dieting and weight loss experts recommend avoiding alcohol to ensure weight loss. Obviously, calories from alcohol are those that can be avoided while making a diet choice. However, if you wish to have a drink and maintain the weight loss regime, you will need to consider drinking alcohol that is low in calories.

You should understand that calories in alcohol are often higher than that contained in food. A gram of alcohol contains seven calories whereas a gram of protein or carbohydrate contains only four calories. The second thing to understand is that mixers jack up the calorie count of alcohol. This means that the sodas and syrups in your drink will do much damage to your weight loss program.

Apparently, it is good to have neat drinks or drinks on the rocks, if you are on a diet. If you must have a drink, you can go for the low calorie alcoholic drinks shared below.

1. Light Beer

Light Beer

Light beer is very good option for weight-conscious people, as it has less than a hundred calories in it. As long as you keep the number of beer down to two, it helps your dieting. However, you should know that it is easy to keep on drinking light beer without paying attention to the number of beers you had. So, you should be very careful about the count while consuming light beer.

2. Diet Wine

Diet wine is yet another alcoholic beverage that has less than 100 calories in it. You can have a fantastic alternative by adding sparkling water to a dash of wine. This will make a “wine spritzer” and lower the amount of calorie in the wine.

3. Tonic and Vodka

The combination of tonic and vodka is also below 100 calories. This is yet another method to ensure that your diet is on the right track.

4. Microbrews


Microbrews are dark beers that are low in calories. You can have dark beers, but make sure that you drink only one beer. If you cannot keep from having another drink though, it would be better to stick to your ‘no-alcohol’ regime.

5. Rum with Diet Coke or Diet Soda

This combination has lesser calories than a regular beer, but here too, make sure that you restrict yourself to a maximum of two of these drinks. This will not jeopardize your diet program.