Craft is one of the major things, which has always had a significant impact on the alcohol sector over the last few years. In fact, many of the leading liquor manufacturers introduced a number of new liquor products in the first half of 2017 to stay ahead of the game.

The increased experimentation by the brands and the varying taste of consumers mean that we will be able to see a few more drink trends in the upcoming months of 2017. Many experts in the liquor industry have already claimed that coffee flavors, Champagnes, wines, and British Spirits will be making a real impact in the industry very soon. Below are a few drink trends that are expected to thrive this year.

Flavor Behavior

A huge increase was seen in the sales of flavored spirits last year. There will be a number of new flavored variants available to alcohol lovers this year, but they will not be just citrus combinations and white spirits. Explore a diverse flavor spectrum in flavored liqueurs, evolving from Aloe Vera, pomegranate, and beetroot to grape, cola, and apricot.

Food and Alcohol Pairing

Many of the alcohol lovers are looking for “a multi-sensory experience in alcoholic drinks” and the major brands have already responded to this. Food and alcohol pairing has gone way beyond wine. Several brands are now supporting food and liquor pairings that drinkers can easily replicate at their home. Experts believe that more liquor products that pair exceptionally well with food items will be introduced this year.


Many cocktails became incredibly famous among alcohol lovers last year. The popularity of these drinks even urged many enthusiasts to experiment a few cocktails on their own. However, experts predict that Casso and Tails cocktails will be the standout drink this year, as they are of high quality, immediate, and easy to drink solutions.

Herbaceous and Vegetal Flavors

Herbaceous and vegetal flavored liquor stores will be going to be much bigger this year. Sugar, citrus, and sweet fruit flavors have dominated the classic cocktail combinations and they will continue to do so in the upcoming months.

Gin Revolution

The gin revolution will still be very prominent this year. The delicious and fresh craft creations of gin will continue to attract alcohol lovers from all over the globe. Many brands have put their signature drinks on discounted sale on online liquors stores so that their popularity grows even more.