5 Common Misconceptions in the Wine World

5 Common Misconceptions in the Wine World - Country Wine & Spirits

5 Common Misconceptions in the Wine World

The misconceptions regarding wine are abundant nowadays, and often, some of these misconceptions gradually become unquestioned facts. So it is of vital importance to dismiss the myths about wine, and enjoy the drink in its true vigor. Here are 10 common misconceptions about wine, which might not be that real.

The Price

One of the most common beliefs is that all wines are expensive; and even if there were a low-priced brand, people think that it would not be as good as an expensive wine brand. This might be sometimes true; however, the price of a wine brand is influenced by factors such as the location, production and labor costs, as well as celebrity connections rather than quality. Furthermore, wines from less familiar locations could sometimes offer incredible quality at an affordable price.

The Brand

Many people claim that big brands lack the talent to produce wine and they can only produce wine, because they focus more on revenue than on quality. Nevertheless, though this might happen to some big names, not all renowned brands fail to make great quality wines. There are many companies that produce boutique style wines; you just have to pick the right one.

The Winery

Boutique wineries make authentic wines this is another common widespread misconception. However, what makes wine more authentic is actually a bit of a challenge; boutiques focus on particular vineyards and produce wine in small quantity. In reality, biodynamic viticulture, native yeast fermentations, and fermenting in amphorae produce more authentic wine than boutique wineries.

The Age

Some enthusiasts argue that wines with sealed cork are more age worthy than usual wine bottles. Yet in fact, screw capped wines can also age as fast as wines finished with cork. Besides, there is no technical reason to support that cork bottled wines age faster.

There is also a belief that tannic wines need more time to age. This thinking cannot be fully neglected though, as tannic gradually drops out of the solution and takes more time to age. Moreover, if a wine were too tannic, acidic, or basic when young, it won last for a long time.

The Taste

Many claim that sweet wines are for beginners; however, some of the most exceptional wines taste sweeter. Sauternes, ice wines, and trockenbeerenausleses are some renowned names that fall in the sweet category, but there is no doubt that these wines offer exceptional quality and incredible taste.

Many people also believe that poor climatic conditions affect the taste of the wine, and make it terrible. Nonetheless, the skill of the producer is the only significant factor that affects the quality of wine, and it does not depend on the weather, even in the slightest terms.