4 Simple Beer Cocktails for Summer 4 Simple Beer Cocktails for Summer

4 Simple Beer Cocktails for Summer

4 Simple Beer Cocktails for Summer

Many of us might have enjoyed the summer with different varieties of drinks and cocktails. You might have even tried a few beer cocktails during this summer, but if you have not, here are 4 of the best and most popular beer cocktails you should definitely try.

A Huevo

“Huevo” means “egg” in Spanish language, but in Mexican slang, “Huevo” means “hell, yeah!” The ingredients of this amazing beer cocktail are limejuice, tequila, hot sauce, Lime-A-Rita, and kosher salt.

The presence of Lime-A-Rita makes this drink sweeter. However, you might experience a gentle burn at the end of the drink due to the presence of hot sauce.

Bodega Dog

Many of us might have tried Greyhound, which is a classic cocktail made by mixing grapefruit and Gin. When you add a bit of salt rim to this classic cocktail, it becomes Salty Dog. Bodega Dog, however, is produced by adding the mixture of spicy seasoning salt and grapefruit beer to Salty Dog.

Pair Schofferhofer, an exceptional grape fruit beer from Germany, with Vodka nipper, and then sprinkle some seasoning salt to this mixture, and enjoy the exceptional cocktail.

Sanka, Ya Dead?

The main ingredients of this beer cocktail are allspice, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream, Appleton Estate Rum, and Guinness beer. This cocktail is prepared by mixing all the ingredients in a blender and by blending it until the mixture is smooth. This amazing drink is served in a chilled pilsner glass.

Some experts say that this tasty cocktail has substituted condensed milk with ice cream. This amazing drink is dedicated to fictional Olympic bobsledder Sanka Coffie.

High School Friends

This beer cocktail is tart and boozy. The main ingredients of High School Friends are Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Jim Beam Bourbon. The sweet sourness offered by Mike’s Hard Lemonade and alcoholic bite offered by Jim Beam Bourbon makes this drink absolutely delicious and a treat for cocktail lovers.

This cocktail is prepared in a Julep cup. The cup is initially filled with crushed ice and then the Bourbon is poured in. After 30 minutes of stirring, the lemonade is added to the mixture. Finally, the mixture is topped up by adding a few more pieces of crushed ice.