TASTY SHOTS GALOUR - Country Wine & Spirits


When you want a tasty alcoholic shot, but don’t know what to get, try one that tastes just like your favorite food; ‘The Cocoa Puffs Shot’ is extremely sweet and delicious. It’s made with rum, coke, and Irish crème liqueur. For the sweet tooth in you, get ‘The Jelly Bean Shot.’ This drink will liven up your taste buds right away. It’s made with brandy, grenadine, and anise liqueur. For all those chocolate lovers out there, ‘The M&Ms Shot’ is just what the doctor ordered; it’s made with Hazelnut crème liqueur, crème de cacao, and M&Ms on top. Any day is a good day for a chocolaty shot.

The world is pretty obsessed with soda; Dr. Pepper is very popular. ‘The Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot’ is unique and fired up. It’s made with amaretto and rum. This drink is fun because you get to light it on fire. Cheesecake is usually a favorite for most people; ‘The Cheesecake Shot’ is nothing but extraordinary. It’s made with cranberry and vanilla vodka. Be ready for some intense sweetness with that one.

Unwrap a Tootsie Roll by having ‘The Tootsie Roll Shot.’ It’s made with chocolate vodka and amaretto liqueur. Feel like having a tasty dessert without having to go to the diner? Try ‘The Banana Split Shot.’ It’s made with banana liqueur, Irish crème liqueur, and rum. Make sure to have a cherry on top. It’s delectable and unique. Carnival time has arrived with ‘The Caramel Apple Shot.’ It’s made with apple vodka and butterscotch liqueur.

Get ready for a sweet explosion in your mouth with that one. ‘The Peanut Butter Cup Shot’ is as sweet as it sounds. It’s made with rum, peanut crème liqueur, and crème de cacao. If you’re feeling a bit daring, try ‘The Tabasco Shot.’ It’s made with tequila and hot sauce.

It does taste as crazy as it sounds, so be prepared for a bit of fire. Gum is great; have ‘The Juicy Fruit Shot’ with triple sec and raspberry and melon liqueurs. Your taste buds will be smiling with this one. Enjoy the exciting shots.