Scorpio: Green Cosmo Recipe

Scorpio: Green Cosmo Recipe - Country Wine & Spirits

Scorpio: Green Cosmo Recipe

Fierce and passionate, Scorpios deserve a drink that’s as cool as they are. Our Mixtrology recommendation for the thirsty Scorpio is a Green Cosmo, also known as a Midori Cosmopolitan, after the green Midori liquor that gives this cocktail its vibrant hue. Produced by the legendary Japanese distilling company Suntory, Midori is a deliciously sweet melon-flavored liqueur whose name means “green” in Japanese.

While a Scorpio might look cool and collected on the outside, we know that your emotions can sometimes be overpowering. Mixing up a Green Cosmo for you and your closest friends can be the perfect way to figure out how to untangle complicated feelings. A Green Cosmo also makes a great party drink for a summer event.

Pictures of you and your friends enjoying this stunning cocktail will make your social media followers green with envy! Simple to make, this drink will really let you show off without tiring you out. We especially like a Green Cosmo garnished with a twisting peel of citrus or a cocktail skewer with a melon ball or fresh berries. Channel that famous Scorpio passion into mixing up a Green Cosmo and you’ll be sure to impress your guests!

Scorpio: Green Cosmo Recipe


  1. Combine vodka, Midori, and cranberry juice in a shaker with ice and shake well.

  2. Strain into a chilled glass, preferably a martini glass.

  3. Garnish with your choice of citrus peel, or cocktail skewer of melon.

  4. Enjoy!

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