Bottled rums can be found in any online liquor store at all times with their cousin drinks. It is a fact that most rum lovers try it with mixers or with cocktails, and only a few would drink rum neat. If you were looking for some mixtures to try with rum this weekend, then here are some well-known liquid combinations that mix well with the famous Caribbean drink.

The Falernum: A syrup that is available in flavors of almond, lime, ginger, and vanilla. Mixing the allspice Falernum to your beloved rum gives a real kick to the whole system. Being a cocktail recipe, this is a go-to concoction for most gourmets and is available in routines as well as with alcoholic content.

Sugar Cane: If you are lucky, you may get sugar cane syrup from the same online liquor store that sold you the aged rum. Be wary of those promoting sugar dissolved water drinks as “sugar cane syrups” though, for both look similar to the naked eye. To differentiate the two, just taste out for the vegetable flavor over water.

Swedish Punsch: Toddies offer the Punsch as a cocktail mixer drink, predominantly in Sweden and Denmark. It is said that if you stir up your rum with a pint of Punsch, you may as well go all bonkers for the time being. As some alcohol markets do not have it, you would have to order it via an best online liquor store.

Pimento Dram: The Pimento as a rum liqueur is exclusive to Jamaica and is as cheap as they come. So, the next time you go to the Caribbean islands, make sure you go to one of the local shops selling the Pimento.

Do check out the ABV (Alcohol by Volume) value to decide which mixer you need to mix up with your choice of rum. Some of the liquor brands are guaranteed cocktail mixing agents, while others could leave a heightened sensation right in your stomach. With the cocktails, people take precautions like avoiding drinking on the rocks or straight as a gulp. No one could have put it as poignantly as Hunter Thomson did in The Rum Diary underlining seclusion: “A man can live on his wits and his balls for only so long.”