Five Delicious Cocktails For March Madness Five Delicious Cocktails For March Madness

Five Delicious Cocktails For March Madness

Five Delicious Cocktails For March Madness

March is a delightful time for sports lovers because their favorite basketball teams will be in action this month. About 68 college basketball teams will battle against one another in order to secure a spot in the final four. If your favorite basketball team is participating in the tournament, then you will definitely spend a quality amount of your time to watch the matches.

Many sports fans prefer to buy spirits from online liquor during the game season, as many realize that March Madness is the perfect time for them to try a few cocktails and other drinks while watching the games. So if you were looking for some new experience this year, here are a few delicious alcoholic drinks that are inspired by a few of the all-time favorite March Madness basketball teams.

1. Apricot-Whiskey Smash


Fans of Kentucky basketball team might prefer to go for a Mojito, but the fruity taste of Apricot-Whiskey Smash cocktail makes them addicted to it. In addition to that, this drink also pairs incredibly well with hot wings and salty snacks, which you will chow down when you are watching the game.

2. The Roycroft

The Roycroft cocktail is actually a blend of Benedictine, rye whiskey, cherry heering, chartreuse, and lemon. This drink was actually created as a tribute to the Roycroft Craftsmanship in the early 19th century. Their strong belief in working with your heart, hands, and head to create happiness was the inspiration behind this drink. This drink is a popular and favorite choice of Duke fans.

3. Panaché

It is true that there is no shortage of great stouts, IPAs, and pilsners in Pennsylvania, but basketball fans are looking for a lager-based cocktail for a long game night. This delicious drink is both fruity and light, which means that you can enjoy it throughout the game. What’s more, if you are not able to find French lemonade to make the drink, a citrus soda can do the job for you.

4. New Glarus Spotted Cow

If you are a Badgers basketball team supporter, then you will be a fan of the New Glarus beer. This exceptional drink is the ideal choice for easy and smooth drinking and it will keep you awake during long basketball games. You could also pair it with steak, fish, and grilled meat.

5. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan is the official cocktail of the Maryland basketball team. This delicious cocktail is made with pineapple and orange juice, light rum, vodka, and orange liqueur. If you are rooting for the Maryland basketball team, then Black-Eyed Susan is the perfect drink for you during this game season.