3 Easy Cocktails That You Can Make With A Shaker

3 Easy Cocktails That You Can Make With A Shaker - Country Wine & Spirits

3 Easy Cocktails That You Can Make With A Shaker

A shaker is actually a multipurpose tool, even though it serves a single purpose. If you are an alcohol lover, then you might have tried to make plenty of different drinks by using your shaker. However, several people fail to make the most of their shakers, and they use it just to make a Martini.

Martini is an incredible drink, and it is one of the most famous cocktails in the entire world. However, you might be surprised to know that you can make much more amazing drinks with your shaker. Below are a few delicious cocktails beyond the Martini that you can make with your shaker:

1. Gimlet


Gimlet is a classic cocktail that you can easily make it with your shaker. You can use either Vodka or Gin to prepare this drink. The main ingredients of this cocktail are lime cordial, Gin (or Vodka), lime wedge, and some ice cubes.

To prepare the cocktail, take the ice cubes in a mixing glass, and then pour Gin and lime cordial into the mixing glass. Make sure to use the lime wedge after you extract the limejuice. Shake the mixture and enjoy the drink.

2. Gin Fizz

If you love to drink Gin Fizz, then you should try to make it at your home with your shaker. You can use Vodka, Rum, or Gin to prepare the drink, but many people also prefer to use Tequila as well. The ingredients that you will need for preparing this drink are Gin, Vodka, or Rum, lemon juice, caster sugar, and soda.

Add Gin, lemon juice, and caster sugar in your shaker and add as much ice as you prefer. Shake the mixture until the shaker becomes extremely cold. Now, pour the mixture into a tall cocktail glass and top it with soda.

3. Lime Daiquiri

Lime Daiquiri

Lime Daiquiri is another incredibly delicious drink that you can make with a shaker. The ingredients that you will need to prepare this cocktail are aged Rum, sugar syrup, and lime juice. However, you will also need a stemmed cocktail glass to enjoy this drink in all its magnificence.

To prepare the drink, pour the Rum into a shaker and then add come ice cubes into it. After that, add the limejuice and sugar syrup to the mixture. Shake the mixture well before pouring it to a cocktail glass.