Willett Pot Still Reserve is the go-to bourbon for many of the whiskey enthusiasts. This whiskey clocks in at 94 proof and is fine top shelf bourbon at a reasonable price. It is manufactured in Bardstown, Kentucky, and was introduced in 2008. You may not find it in stores that have perfunctory bourbon selections, but most online liquor stores and local outlets that supply a wide range of bourbons will definitely be offering Willett Pot Still Reserve.

Bottle and Packaging

This bourbon is a fine addition to any of the bourbon collection. The bottle is a classic one; some call it a hookah while others call it a genie lamp. The shape of the bottle mimics an old copper still, which is similar to the one that distillers use to manufacture small batch bourbons. It is obvious that the bottle will draw many eyes to it in a liquor shelf, and it is enough to catch interest of people. Some say that it can be consider as the best packaging in the liquor business.

Bourbon Details

Age: 8 to 10 years (the bottle has no age statement)

Alcohol by Volume: 47% (94 proof)

Distillery: It is bottled by KBD/Willet

Price: $36 (approx)


Willett Pot Still Reserve has a complex aroma. You can feel citrus notes with hints of orange and lemon. There is a potpourri hint on the finish with a note of syrup for this great and aromatic bourbon.


You can feel that the flavors start out light and smooth. Experience caramel and vanilla on the start and feel a spicy sweetness on the finish. You can see the bourbon shining while pouring it over an ice sphere and a sweet oak flavor will quickly emanate from it.


Finish of Willett Pot Still Reserve is medium to long with a lack of bite. It is neither low nor high proof bourbon. You will feel the right balance of the drink on finish. To round the finish, there is a touch of spice and some floral hints.

This bourbon drink is excellently neat and is even better with a small splash of water. The drink does not need ice, but is not overpowered by ice either.