Why Should you Try Don Julio Real Tequila Why Should you Try Don Julio Real Tequila

Why Should you Try Don Julio Real Tequila

Why Should you Try Don Julio Real Tequila

Don Julio Anejo is double distilled tequila that is rested in charred oak bourbon barrels. Only the heart of distillation is used to make this tequila, which is the purest part of the distillation and free from impurities. Then the tequila is allowed to rest in the barrels for about eighteen months.

This tequila mix was made by Don Julio González, who started his journey in the year 1942. González understood that to make a unique tequila, all the aspects of the manufacturing process should be controlled. After that, he started his own distillery and spent many years in search of an extraordinary tequila. When he came up with one, González shared the tequila with his friends first; but the word spread about the drink and it became the most sought after tequila in a couple of years.

Originated from Mexico, Don Julio has made its place in the world of tequila with the rich smokey hints of oak. Don Julio has become one of the best selling brands of tequila in the US, with its popularity ranking equal to Patron Silver.

Don Julio Real Tequila

Don Julio Real is a top-class tequila manufactured by the company. The drink is aged for 3 to 5 years in American White Oak barrels and is very smooth. Tequila enthusiasts will know that each sip of the drink is pure delight and it tastes best when consumed neat. Don Julio Real has a pleasant golden color.

The drink has a coffee and caramel touch, and as per the official website, the nose of the drink is a mature aroma balanced with gentle hints of citrus and cooked, sweet agave. The website also says that the tequila has vanilla flavor layered with caramel, almond, and chocolate. The drink is bottled in a beautiful, sturdy bottle that has a very unique design, which complements its unique taste and flavor.