Some Largely Unknown Facts about Patron Tequila Pt 1

Some Largely Unknown Facts about Patron Tequila Pt 1 - Country Wine & Spirits

Some Largely Unknown Facts about Patron Tequila Pt 1

Patron is one of the biggest high-quality tequila brands in the world, which is manufactured by the reputed Patron Spirits Company. This tasty drink is distilled at a colonial estate distillery that is nestled in the rolling foothills of Mexico. The mammoth mansion features lush gardens, tasting rooms, a chapel, a guesthouse with 20 rooms, kitchens, etc as well.

Note that every single bottle of Patron is made at this holy land ever since it has been made—from 2002, to be precise. Unlike most other distilleries in the world, Patron estate distillery was not only constructed to manufacture and embody the liquor of the brand but also to show off its luxurious and inimitable heritage unto the world.

Some people used to believe that tequila is nothing special, just a drink that offers mass intoxication. However, Patron, which is regarded as the second biggest tequila brand on the globe, is presumably the first premium brand drink which changed the mindsets of so many people. In other words, the drink enlightened the consumers with the magical healing powers of blue agave.

To explain, blue agave is a type of succulent that features fleshy and large leaves with a pointed edge. This plant plays a significant role in the manufacture of tequilas. If Patron tequila is one of your favorite drinks, there are some unknown and interesting facts about this ultra-premium drink that you will want to know if you do not already.

The Significance of Agave

To make the best tequila drink, you must use the best ingredients and juice. It is to be noted that you can extract the best juice only from the best pinas, which is regarded as the heart of a plant. Patron tequila collection boasts higher price tags, allowing the company to choose the best plants or pinas in the world. In fact, Patron is the only tequila brand all over the world that has set such an incredible price floor for agave.

Since the minimum rate of agave is currently above breaking point, agave growers are confident about making profits irrespective of the season or the harvest. However, you will be amazed to know that around 95% of agave plants used in the production of Patron tequila is provided by just 80 families.

Unlike most other Online liquor store, Patron does not have their own agave field. According to the company, this will give them the liberty to choose the best agave for manufacturing their tequila, irrespective of bad crops or weather. Otherwise, they would be forced to choose their own raw materials. Evidently, the growth of the company in the field speaks for their actions. Moreover, the quality of an agave plant is determined based on its sugar content; better the sugar content, better will be the agave. While the sugar content in most average pinas is 22%, it is 26% in Patron.