Seven Fascinating Facts about Jack Daniel’s Seven Fascinating Facts about Jack Daniel’s

Seven Fascinating Facts about Jack Daniel’s

Seven Fascinating Facts about Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s, the trademark Tennessee whiskey brand, is one of the most popular options of its kind in the world. Inclusion of a wide range of distinct flavors, as well as innovation in the same, has contributed majorly to the continued success and popularity of this alcohol brand. Just like that, this Tennessee based whiskey successfully turns 150 this year. Furthermore, cravings all around for this authentic drink lead to its presence in a number of thriving overseas markets as well. Additionally, most liquor shops and online websites sell premium and other varieties of Jack Daniel's whiskey. Frankly, no other whiskey brands look like they could attain the same global status as Jack Daniel's.

It will be really hard to find a person who does not love to include at least one whiskey from Jack Daniel’s in their collection. However, there are many interesting and fascinating facts about this supreme whiskey brand, as well as the main man behind its success. Of course, even many die-hard fans of Jack Daniel’s are unaware of most of these facts. Some of those fascinating and enlightening points are listed below.

The Real Jack Daniel Was Killed By a Safe

Yes, the popular whiskey brand was named after a whiskey-lover named Jack Daniel. He was a veteran distiller and made his brand stand out from others at Lynchburg by filtering it through sugar maple charcoal which spanned 10 feet. His brand ruled the alcohol field for decades. Once, his company safe got damaged or stopped working properly. Out of frustration, Daniel kicked the metal safe so hard that it injured his leg. He caught an infection that started spreading to different parts of his body and soon died out of the health issues surrounding that. An interesting fact is that this same safe has not left the distillery yet.

The Nectar of Gods

Frank Sinatra, the famous American singer, actor, and producer of the 20th century was a big fan of Jack Daniel’s whiskeys. In fact, he often used to wear jackets and blazers which were emblazoned with a patch of ‘Jack Daniel's Country Club' on it. In addition, the actor always referred to Jack Daniel's whiskeys as the “nectar of gods”, making the brand even more popular amongst people. The brand reciprocated the move by releasing a Sinatra select variety of Jack Daniel whiskeys; it was highlighted with a little bit of smokiness and an aromatic vanilla finish. A lot of people love to drink this whiskey the Sinatra way: poured in a rock glass up to a height of two fingers and served along with three cubes of ice, and a splash of chilled water.

Jack Daniel Whiskey Was Made In a Dry Country

One of the interesting facts about the brand is that its first whiskey, known as the Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 was made at the Moore County, which was regarded as a dry land since 1909. You can see no bars or liquor shops at this place. However, the law allowed the distillery to sell their souvenir or sample whiskey bottles on a special tour.

Kesha Brushes Her Teeth with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Kesha, the popular singer and songwriter, once made mention about brushing her teeth with Jack Daniel's whiskey. One would think that was for show, or as a promotion. As it turns out, she actually does brush her teeth with this superior quality liquor at times. Note that Jack Daniel’s whiskeys feature anti-bacterial properties and are way better for your morning breath than regular mouthwash. A single rinse can get you refreshed and energized for the remainder of the day.

The Fireball and Fire Flavors of Jack Daniel’s Are Competing With Each Other

Currently, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fireball is one of the top rated and fastest growing alcohol varieties in the United States market. Still, the cinnamon flavored whiskey couldn’t pass their annual sales beyond $90 million. This JD brand is currently facing the heat of competition in the market, but ironically enough, that is with its own spiced variety known as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. As mentioned earlier, no other Tennessee whiskey brands could attain the same popularity or global status as that of Jack Daniel’s.

The Packaging of Jack Daniel’s Whiskeys Is Really Crucial

Back in third grade, your teacher would have taught you not to judge a book by its cover. However, this proverb fails to apply to Jack Daniel’s, insofar as its packaging is concerned. Note that the annual sales of the brand went up by 40% just by changing its packaging designs, as they rebranded the premium variety. In the latest packaging style, the Gentleman Jack line is designed in a sophisticated yet contemporary way.

Sam's Club Once Sold Jack Daniel’s By The Barrel

Sam's club is the eighth largest membership-only warehouse retail club in the United States and is owned and operated by Walmart. In 2013, the club sold a whole barrel of Jack Daniel’s whiskey at a whopping price of $9600. People who were not satisfied with just a bottle or case of Jack Daniel’s instantly made use of the opportunity to pick up one of their favorite liquors.