Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum (57%) Pt 2

Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum (57%) Pt 2 - Country Wine & Spirits

Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum (57%) Pt 2

1. In The Mouth: 32.5/60

The Jamaican White Pot Still Rum is very intimidating and complex. Sipping in small amounts keeps the tasting senses intact. According to the company, there are no residual sugars present, although there is a mild butterscotch flavor detected at the end of the sip. The alcohol heat which follows this is capable of numbing the tongue. Besides, it renders it impossible to taste more to assess its qualities.

There is a slightly salty tone inside the sweet butterscotch flavor. The presence of menthol cools the tongue. Although it never saw the oak barrel, there are flavors like sanded birch, sandalwood, fresh leather, and fresh leather. Chocolate and tea also made an appearance with piney juniper and asphalt tar mixed in there somewhere.

2. In The Throat: 54/60

The rum would dry the mouth when it is filled with flavors like cool menthol and mildly salty dark licorice. These are the major tastes which pass through the throat as one tastes the drink. These flavors remain for a long time after every sip prior to being chased out by the emergence of something resembling resin-like airplane glue. Overall, the rum is both enticing and intimidating at the same time. It maintains these traits to the very end.

3. The Afterburn: 57/60


One point of appeal about Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum is that its goodness mixes well with bar drinks. The high alcohol is not the reason behind the impressive agreeableness inside cocktails, as one may be tempted to think. Instead, the flavor imparted by the Jamaican Pot is what gives it the impressive taste.

The best cocktail choice is, of course, a Margarita. A combination of ice and fruit juice is used to keep the monster under control. With the presence of the ice, even a small ounce of the rum is enough to allow its flavor to spread throughout the cocktail. Overall, this rum is great for sipping. It carries the category of white rums all over in a new direction, and keeps enthusiasts duly impressed.