Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum (57%) Pt 1

Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum (57%) Pt 1 - Country Wine & Spirits

Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum (57%) Pt 1

Rum Nation has been a promising rum manufacturer for a long time. It is owned by Fabio Rossi, who also currently manages the company. Their rums which they do not distill themselves, are bought from all over the Americas and the Caribbean, and their then limited edition bottling are sold to the North American and European markets.

Most of these rums are aged for considerable amounts of time in their native countries, where tropical aging increases the level of interaction between wood and oak. Besides, some are also allowed to age in Europe where the overall moderate climate ensures a delicate rate of interaction. This helps to gain additional refinement in a subtle manner.

Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Rum, though, did not depend on the location and time to acquire such great spirit. Instead, it solely depends on flavor for delivering a taste worthy of its reputation. While major competitors experiment with up to 6-year-old barrels, this rum comes completely without age. It is made in concentrated Jamaican pot still flavor with 57 % alcohol in it, and is known widely for its richness and smoothness. Drinks have progressed a long way since Don Julio 1942, and this is a new attempt for a drink with no aging.

In The Bottle: 54/60

The bottle presentation itself announces the presence of a great drink within. This spirit comes in a short squat bottle with postage stamps that conjure up the Jamaican heritage into the overall presentation. A wooden natural cork is used to seal the bottle. In dry climates, cork stoppers become brittle rather quickly, causing them to break easily. This bottle poses no expectation after a few months on the shelf, and that affects the presentation score.

In The Glass: 54/60

When the rum is poured into a Glencairn glass, this spirit appears very clear as if it came directly from the still, and also shiny and slick. This might make one wonder if the thing is subjected to some type of polishing or filtration before bottling.

On twisting and twirling this spirit, there is a small film of it left on the insides of the glass, and a clearly defined crest which starts forming tiny droplets which in turn become slender legs before slipping back into the rum. This is typical of a buttery texture with a character of a high alcohol content and of pot-distilled spirit. Upon initial sniff of the bottle, the bouquet smells intense; this drink is clearly not meant for those who fear an adventurous in-glass experience.

The presence of resin-like aroma dominates the breeze around it. There is also a grassy scent which ventures close to the glass. Afterwards, a deep fruity smell that reminds of green banana peel rises from the inside. Note that there is no additional spiciness like those in tart sour motes and white pepper.