Know About Crown Royal XO Canadian Whisky

Know About Crown Royal XO Canadian Whisky - Country Wine & Spirits

Know About Crown Royal XO Canadian Whisky

Even though the Canadian whisky did not have much attention, it managed to get a lot of sales. Specifically, Crown Royal sold 4.3 million cases in the past fiscal year. As per some reports, the brand displayed a double-digit growth that even outpaced Johnnie Walker.

The success of Crown Royal was mainly attributed to the release of a new maple flavored whisky named Crown Royal Maple. The maple flavor of the whisky attracted many whisky loyalists and drew new customers to the brand.

The New Flavor

They have not tried to duplicate Crown Royal Maple with some other flavors like honey or cinnamon, but they went upscale with premium releases like Crown Royal XO. This whisky is finished in ex-cognac barrels. This is one of the recent releases from Diageo that is designed to push their products to the premium spaces.

The price of Crown Royal XO is around $50, which is double of Crown Royal Maple; but the price is only half the price of super premium ones like Crown Royal XR.

Crown Royal XO

It is not clear from where the barrels used to finish the whisky come from, but is believed that the drink originates from Hennessy. The whisky has a dark amber color as it picks up some additional color from the barrels. The nose of the drink has a blend of the traditional Crown Royal aromas like vanilla, caramel, and oak.