You may feel that the name and bottle of the Hotel California tequila is goofy, but once you use it, you will understand that it is one hundred percent agave, Highlands Tequila. The manufacturer of the tequila has a partnership with the renowned Baja hotel. The bottles are really unusual and the stopper is dysfunctional, but the content of the bottle will surely intrigue you. There are three popular models of Hotel California and all three are 80 proof. All the models of the Hotel California tequila are reviewed below.

Hotel California Tequila Reposado

This is aged for six months in oak barrels, but the drink has only a pale shade of gold. You can feel strong notes of agave when the bottle is opened, but it is barely found on the palate. Light baking spices and smooth caramel take hold of the palate. The finish is long lasting and has a mild taste of agave. Secondary notes of the liquor include hints of lemon and some wood bark characters.

Hotel California Tequila Blanco

This is big and bold on the nose with black pepper, fresh agave, and lemongrass. The drink is a bit light on the body and you can feel citrus notes and agave mixing with sweetness in the palate. However, the overall impression of the drink is not that of agave but of a mini-margarita. In the finish, you can experience a touch of chocolate, which is very unusual for a Blanco.

Hotel California Tequila Anejo

The glass bottle of Hotel California Tequila Anejo is quite intriguing. The drink is made by blending two old lots and aged for about twenty-eight months in oak barrels. This makes Hotel California Tequila Anejo older than most of the Anejos that are available in the US market. The drink is a modest gold in color and the nose is restrained, but you can feel hints of wood oils and menthol on the nose. On the palate, you can feel caramel with peppery agave. The finish is smooth but with a bit of burn at the end, which is really surprising for an Anejo.