Review of Forty Creek Heart of Gold Canadian Whisky Review of Forty Creek Heart of Gold Canadian Whisky

Review of Forty Creek Heart of Gold Canadian Whisky

Review of Forty Creek Heart of Gold Canadian Whisky

Forty Creek whiskey produced a limited release whiskey that allowed the public to take part in the release of the same by allowing people to choose their own numbered bottle. In addition, you can have the bottle signed by the master distiller, John Hall, when you collect the preordered bottles. These limited edition whiskeys are produced on the foundation of the flagship whiskey of the company, Forty Creek Barrel Select. These are basically versions of the flagship whiskey that have spent more time aging in oak barrels.

Heart of Gold, the 2013 Special Limited Release Canadian Whisky has a specific accent on the Canadian rye grain.

In the Bottle: 10/10

Forty Creek has offered the same presentation for their last five special releases. The bottle has attractive graphics and great looks. You can find the graphics on the label and on the box. The whiskey can be awarded full marks for design and graphics.

In the Glass 8.5/10

In the glass, the whiskey has a light to medium mahogany tone. You can also find some red and pink tones in light, which is very unusual for whiskeys. The nose of the whiskey will remind you of rye whiskey. There are also hints of spices like ginger, cardamom, sawdust, sandalwood, and white pepper. You will also notice hints of vanilla and butterscotch as the glass of whiskey breathes. There are also impressions of orange peel and tart green apples in the whiskey.

In the Mouth: 7.5/10

Together with the flavors of rye, Heart of Gold has a sweet and sour flavor that is from the old style Canadian club whiskey. There are also tasted of brown sugar and butterscotch followed by tastes of peaches and apricots. As you drink more of the whiskey, the strength of the rye will increase and you will feel the tastes of white pepper, cardamom and wood spices.

You will also note some interesting flavors at the back of the palate that includes dry fruit, grapefruit zest, hints of orange peel, and almond tastes. Note the orange peel taste turning to marmalade and almond changing to marzipan. There are also vanilla and caramel flavors that you might not notice in between all the tastes.

In the Throat: 8/10

The finish of the whiskey will offer you a taste of rye spice and white pepper that is followed by lingering tastes vanilla, caramel, and marzipan. You can experience the tastes of cloves, cinnamon, and white pepper once the sweetness of the whiskey ends.