The History and Origin of Macallan Scotch Whiskey The History and Origin of Macallan Scotch Whiskey

The History and Origin of Macallan Scotch Whiskey

The History and Origin of Macallan Scotch Whiskey

The Macallan Scotch whiskey is a product of the Macallan Distillery, a single malt Scotch whiskey distillery in Craigellachie, Moray Scotland. The Macallan Distillery Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Edrington Group since 1999, after they acquired the company from Highland Distillers. Today, the Macallan Scotch whiskey is one among the top five best-selling single-malt whiskeys in the world.

The company was originally founded in 1824, the Macallan Scotch whiskey being one of the first distillers in Scotland having legal license for manufacturing and selling alcohol. Since then, the distillery has grown to be one of the largest single malt whiskey manufacturers in the world.

The Macallan distillery was founded by Alexander Reid, a barley farmer and a teacher. The name Macallan is derived from Gaelic word ‘magh’, which means ‘a fertile land’, and ‘Ellan’ thathonors St.Fillan’, a monk who spread Christianity in Scotland during the 18thcentury. Farmers during that time grew barley on a large scale all around Scotland.

During the winter, where there is no active farming, the barley harvested is fermented and then distilled into whiskey. Winter is the perfect time for manufacturing whiskey, because during cold water is readily available for the cooling of the stills in the season. Macallan Scotch whiskey can be readily used for drinking and the excess is either stored for the next summer or exported to different places. During the spring, the sowing starts again and the cycle follows.

During the subsequent years, Macallan distillery passed through different owners. It was named as Elchies distillery, named after a nearby estate,which adopted the company until 1980. Macallan distillery had a stable business when Roderick Kemp took over the distillery in 1892 and remained in control until 1994, when a Japanese company named Suntory and the Highland Distillers Group took over the ownership. Then in 1999, the Edrington Group, who currently owns the distillery took over.

In 2008, The Macallan Distillery increased its production capacity by installing a second production house and few warehouses were also made. Macallan has been providing the world with best class products. Today, the Macallan Scotch whiskey is the world’s fifth most-selling whiskey brand.