LIQUEURS FROM CASA D’ARISTI - Country Wine & Spirits


Casa D’Aristi offers exotic, authentic, and natural liqueurs based on Rum. The distillery was founded in 1935 by the Aristi family and generations of loyal employees and dedicated family members upheld the Mayan liqueurs making tradition. Some of the most popular liqueurs from Casa D’Aristi are discussed below.

XTA Liqueur

XTA is the latest expression of a traditional Mayan drink that is obtained from the nectar of Xtabentún flower. This flower is native to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The distillery produces the exclusive Mayan honey used to make the drink, from hives of stingless bees, which is an important Mayan tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula. The availability of XTA is limited by the small amount of Mayan honey that is made every year.

The Mayan honey is fermented carefully with fine anisette and the ingredients are then macerated in Mexican Rum of superb quality, which will intensify the natural flavors. The use of high quality ingredients and the careful production will result in an exotic spirit, which is truly rare in the market. Experts say that XTA is perfect on its own when served with ice, but it is also popularly used to enhanced cocktail recipes.

Xtabentún Liqueur

This is a honey liqueur, which is very similar to XTA, but has more honey, and the alcohol content is slightly low. This is a Yucatan classic with a great history, and is popular throughout Mexico. The alcohol by volume percentage of Xtabentún Liqueur is 30%, which is lower than that of XTA liqueur.

Kalani Liqueur

This product from Casa D’Aristi is made using fresh coconut milk. The coconut milk is first fermented and then mixed win Mexican sugarcane Rum. This will bring together two popular Yucatan flavors and offer a subtle flavor to the 100% natural Liqueur.

The coconut milk is obtained from the yellow dwarf coconuts in a colonial plantation in Yucatan Peninsula. The coconut is then shredded and pressed to extract milk, which is sent to Casa D’Aristi to produce Kalani. Kalani is an exotic and delicious coconut delight, which is an awesome aperitif and great addition to various cocktail recipes.

Huana Liqueur

Huana is made from the careful fermentation of the Guanabana fruit, which is also known as Soursop. The peculiarity of this fruit is that it is pollinated by the stingless bees. The flavor of the fruit will remind you of strawberry and pineapple with a citrus taste. Hunana Liqueur marks the new era of Casa D’Aristi specialty Yucatan liqueurs.