Johnnie Walker Facts That Every Scotch Lover Must Know Johnnie Walker Facts That Every Scotch Lover Must Know

Johnnie Walker Facts That Every Scotch Lover Must Know

Johnnie Walker Facts That Every Scotch Lover Must Know

Every Scotch drinker may have come across the name Johnnie Walker, or in best cases, have tried it themselves. The iconic square bottle design with its signature logo of a gentleman walking with a hat is probably more famous than the brand itself. In fact, Johnnie Walker whiskey is the best among the family with its unique blend of grain that still captivates drinkers worldwide.

In light of its exceptional flavor and popularity, it is worth knowing some of the facts about this iconic whiskey brand. Here are 6 things that you might not know about the Johnnie Walker brand. It all Started at a Grocery Store In those times, liquor could be bought just out of the grocery store. The need for reliability in his brand prompted John Walker to sell the whiskey from his family grocery store in the Scottish town of Kilmarnock.

The Original Bottles Bore no Title

The earlier bottles of Johnny Walker bore no labels about its name or logo. It even differed through various sellers in the market. Some retailers sold the bottle with a label that stated “John Walker and Sons” along with a legal disclaimer.

Origin of the Label

Johnny Walker

Tom Browne, a renowned illustrator of the period, is credited to have created this iconic label of the “Striding Man”. The earliest drawings are a lot different from the ones you can find today’s bottles. The “Striding Man” logo has evolved over time from being cheerful to the mysterious gentleman that you see today.

The Style of the Label

After the passing away of John Walker, his son, Alexander Walker, took over the ownership of this scotch brand. He brought many improvements to the brand, the most significant one being the slanting of the logo to a precise angle of 24 degrees. This was done as a competing measure with other brands and it makes the brand truly stand out from others.

The $22,000 Bottle of Johnnie Walker

There is indeed a blend of this scotch priced at a staggering amount of $22,000. It contains a blend of many decades old whiskies, and was released as a part of celebrating the rich legacy and tradition of the company in brewing the finest scotch for generations.

Still the Most Popular Scotch in the World

Even after the liquor industry was flooded with many brands, Johnnie Walker still manages to be the most popular scotch around. It is one of the, or maybe, the best scotch whiskies in the world, that is attributed to its rich history and quality maintenance.