Interesting Facts about Absolut Vodka Pt 2 Interesting Facts about Absolut Vodka Pt 2

Interesting Facts about Absolut Vodka Pt 2

Interesting Facts about Absolut Vodka Pt 2

All the Ingredients Used in Absolut Vodka are Sourced at Ahus

The company boasts a one source policy. Hence, every ingredient used in the Absolut vodka is sourced within approximately 75-meter radius of Ahus. The winter wheat used in the vodka is grown in the Skane province of southern Sweden. In addition, the water from a deep well in Ahus is used in the distillation of the vodka.

Note that the water will be filtered thoroughly by means of an aquifer before using it in distillation. In fact, the unique glass bottles of this clear vodka as well are manufactured in a nearby glass factory that boasts a rich history of 300 years. The Absolut brand always makes sure to keep its brand as local as possible so that the vodka tastes consistently the same all over the world.

Two Pounds of Winter Wheat is Required to Produce One Ounce of Absolut Vodka

Absolut vodka uses winter wheat for its distillation and blending processes, since the starch content in the plant is relatively very high. Plus, winter wheat is a sturdy plant and hence, the farmers will have to use only a fewer amount of pesticide and fertilizers on it when compared to the other options. On a related note, genetically modified wheat is not used in the manufacture of Absolut vodka, even though it is widely utilized in the commercial field.

Absolut Focus Mainly on its Reputation as a Green Company

Absolut Vodka

Absolut give prime importance to nature and hence, their sourcing and distillation process will be done by keeping in mind the impact on the environment. You will be amazed to know that the company bottles and sells the carbon dioxide that is formed during the production of the liquor to beverage companies. Similarly, the wheat residue leftover, stillage, etc., formed from the distillation mash are fed to 250, 000 pigs and 40, 000 cows in the Skane province. Recently, the company also installed a biofuel station for vehicles; the motive of this station is to limit the carbon dioxide gas emission from the vehicles by half.

The Role of Andy Warhol in Absolut Vodka Being a Cultural Icon

One of the most popular American artists, director, and producer Andy Warhol played a major role in transforming Absolut vodka into a cultural icon. He mentioned in one of his interviews that he loves Absolut vodka even though he does not drink it.

The artist used to carry Absolut vodka bottles to parties and often use it as an aftershave alternative. Eventually, he started creating a number of artworks keeping the vodka bottle as the center of attraction. One of those popular artworks is known as Absolut Warhol ad. The company as well reciprocated to his love and launched a limited edition Absolut Warhol vodka in 2014.