Interesting Facts about Absolut Vodka Pt 1

Interesting Facts about Absolut Vodka Pt 1 - Country Wine & Spirits

Interesting Facts about Absolut Vodka Pt 1

Absolut vodka is one of the leading premium vodka brands that offer the real taste of vodka as well as multiple flavors to the consumers. This renowned Swedish export has been filling martini glasses from 1879 and is extremely popular in the US market. It grabbed the attention of every spirit lover so fast and eventually became the talk of the town.

Currently, this is one of the largest spirit brands in the world that is sold at almost every physical and online liquor store around 126 countries. Of course, since the spirit brand has been in the industry for such a long time, it boasts quite an interesting and wonderful history.

In fact, there are many important facts about Absolut vodka that you can brag among your friends on the next cocktail party. Some of those interesting facts about Absolut vodka are listed below.

There is a Picture of an Old Guy on the Seal of Every Absolut Vodka Bottle

Most of us may not have noticed the seal on the bottle closely. If yes, you would have noticed the face of a bearded guy on it. This is none other than L.O Smith, the founder of the Absolut vodka brand. He has become the distributor of a majority of vodka in Sweden at the age of 26. In 1879, he distilled the liquor a hundred times, resulting in a clearer and purer form of alcohol.

Currently, this process is known as continuous distillation. The present Absolut vodka is offered by the company of a veteran distiller known as Absolut Rent Branvin, which is Absolute pure vodka in English.

The Design of Absolut Vodka Bottles are Inspired by the 18th-Century Apothecary Bottles

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Apothecary bottles are small covered jars that were used to keep pharmaceuticals in the 18th century. The bottle design of Absolut vodka is actually inspired by these jars.

The designer opts out of sticking a paper label on the glass bottle so that everyone can see the sparkling content in it. In 1979 when Absolut vodka was introduced in the United States of America, the unique design of the bottles helped the brand to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Note that Absolut vodka bottles were mostly the taller and thinner ones at that time.