Detailed Review of I.W.Harper 15-Year Old

Detailed Review of I.W.Harper 15-Year Old - Country Wine & Spirits

Detailed Review of I.W.Harper 15-Year Old

I.W. Harper is an incredible drink, which has been around us in some form since the late 18th century. Isaac Wolfe Bernheim and his brother originally founded this liquor product back in the 18th century; however, this brand is currently operated and owned by Diageo.

One of the interesting facts about this liquor product is that it was not sold in the United Stated for many years, although it continued to dominate international liquor market during that time. Diageo reintroduced this product as a 15-year age stated bourbon and as NAS bourbon in the year 2015, and since then, it has become a favorite in the US.

1. Nose

The abundant presence of fruity notes in this drink makes it enjoyable and bright to every whisky lover. The most striking fruit notes are from apricot and cherry, but the fainter notes of both lemon and orange cannot be denied either. Dark chocolate and mint occupies the deeper layers, which becomes more prominent when the fruit scents start to dissipate.

2. Palate

I.W. Harper

If you were looking for a striking fruit forward palate to this drink, then you will be disappointed. However, fruity notes are still abundantly present in the flavors. The milder fruit flavors of the drink eventually dissipate giving way to stronger notes of leather and oak. Slightest traces of caramel and chocolate also pop up and it helps in providing a nice balance between the dry and sweet notes.

3. Finish

It actually begins with a convenient amount of heat, which soon gives way to an oaky underbelly. The smooth feel of the bourbon helps the flavors to slowly pull back one by one, and eventually, the finish slowly fades away. Notes of caramel and vanilla will gradually become a lot more noticeable and you will be even able to notice a mild oaky aftertaste lingering during the finish. This combination offers a satisfying dry and sweet ending to the drinkers.

4. Verdict

I.W. Harper 15-Year-Old is actually a well-balanced drink and it offers an incredible flavorful punch. This drink is certainly of rewarding quality and it undoubtedly is one of the best bourbon products available in the online liquor market. If you are a bourbon lover, then we highly recommend you to try this drink at least once.