Bushmills Iris Whiskey to Celebrate ST. Patrick's Day

Bushmills Iris Whiskey to Celebrate ST. Patrick's Day - Country Wine & Spirits

Bushmills Iris Whiskey to Celebrate ST. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day started out as a religious homage to the patron saint of Ireland and then became an international festival to celebrate Irish tradition across the world. An important part of this culture is the Irish whiskeys, which are getting more and more popular these days, and the sale of Irish whiskeys has climbed 20% in 2016 alone. Irish whiskey has been the fastest growing spirit each year since 1990.

Bushmills is one of the most popular Irish whiskeys and is in high demand in wine and spirits stores. It is a starter whiskey and is great for beginners as well as for the experienced sippers. Like most of the Irish whiskeys, Bushmills is very strong and tastes very strong on the rocks.

How to Drink Bushmills

Bushmills tastes good in cocktails. If you have the right cocktail for Bushmills, like Irish coffee or some whiskey and honey drinks, you will know that the whiskey mixes very well. However, you need to understand the flavor profile of Bushmills to know what goes with it well. Note that the whiskey goes down very smooth as a shot.


You will get a sweet vibe from Bushmills, right from the smell of the drink to its aftertaste. As soon as Bushmills hit your tongue, you will feel the sweetness and a warm coating of honey. Maybe this is the reason why many whiskey enthusiasts like to have Bushmills shots.

You can have a good amount of spice in the aftertaste and it is very well refreshing. Moreover, when compared to the other popular players in the category, Bushmills is much sweeter. The spicy taste is more in Bushmills, but there are not many complex flavors in it.



Bushmills is an amber colored Irish whiskey that has attained much popularity among whiskey lovers all across the globe. The drink is very versatile, but you should know the right flavor notes to mix with it. In addition, Bushmills is very smooth when taken as shots.

To wrap up, this Irish whiskey is smooth, with great spice flavors in the finish, and many of the whiskey lovers say that it is a perfect drink to fight the Irish Flu. If you are planning to order liquor online this St Patrick’s Day, then you should definitely go for Bushmills Irish whiskey.