Aviation Gin Pt 1 Aviation Gin Pt 1

Aviation Gin Pt 1

Aviation Gin Pt 1

Aviation Gin was first introduced in 2006 and it became a sensation immediately. It was accepted widely and gained highly positive reviews from all over for its balanced flavor. Aviation Gin was released by House Spirits, which are headquartered in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon). This, according to the company is the spirit which paved the way for the American Gin style, and it is available in almost every online liquor store you would care to check out. Below is a review of Aviation Gin, which you can also find through various dealers that sell liquor online.


In The Bottle: 54/60

This Gin comes in a flask-shaped bottle that is tall and handy. The front label has very simple features, along with a black background. The description is printed in bold white letters, which makes it easy to read and spot when the bottle sits on a shelf. It tells you that the juniper spirit is made out of grain, and also that it has been bottled at 84 proof, which is the same as having 42% alcohol by volume. The only thing that could prove a bit worrying is the plastic screw cap, which has only two threads.

In The Glass: 48/60

Once you pour Aviation Gin into the bottle and twirl it around, you would notice the mild sheen that it leaves on the glass surface, as well as a few tiny skinny legs. The drink also leaves a piny aroma, which is not as assertive as what you get from London Dry Gin. In this, the juniper lies equal to, rather than above, the cardamom and coriander. You can sense lavender causing a strong push as well. Apart from that, there are mint, licorice (anise), and lemon making their presence felt. Finally, if you observe carefully enough, you can feel the taste of orange peels as well.

When it comes to the balance between the botanicals in the constituents, this gin stands well composed. However, you may feel the juniper to be a little less intense than it actually is. It is natural to feel it would have been better if the lavender, cardamom, and the coriander were better tempered.