Antrim Vodka Review Pt 2

Antrim Vodka Review Pt 2 - Country Wine & Spirits

Antrim Vodka Review Pt 2

Out For Dinner: 51/60

For the purpose of a complete evaluation of this vodka, we brought out several food items such as ham and pepperoni pizza, Cheddar and Edam cheeses, a plate of Mundare kielbasa sausage, pepper-pot soup, and pita bread with hummus and tzatziki. One of the main objectives was to determine whether the food improves the vodka experience or if the drink improves the experience of the food. In general, it is understood that a clean vodka does not carry a bitter or metallic aftertaste, and therefore usually goes well with most of the food items.

Antrim Vodka works impressively as a palate cleanser. All of the food items taste quite good after you take a sip of it. Notably, tzatziki and the pita bread tasted really good when served along with vodka sips.

Besides, the vodka held up really well when it was warmed in the glass. Another great thing about this vodka was that it did not pick up tastes from the foods which were being served. Antrim Vodka is, therefore, a great choice for a social gathering with its smoothness and taste. You can easily get a hold of a bottle if you Order alcohol online through one of the prominent dealers.

Cocktails: 51/60

For the purpose of assessing any vodka, you generally go with two of the best available cocktail options: Cosmopolitan and Gimlet. The main reason is the fact that these are easier to make, and are refreshing when made using a good vodka. Once the vodka is tested using Cosmo or Gimlet, it is tested with Martini. This is a more demanding cocktail and the vodka is good to go if it tastes well against this. A few more cocktails are also tried to taste the vodka with.

Explore the exceptional taste of Antrim Vodka, perfect for crafting delightful Gimlets, Cosmos, and Martinis. While it may not surpass the cocktail standards set by Beluga or Belvedere Vodka, this high-quality spirit rivals the renowned Grey Goose. Indulge in the convenience of acquiring this exclusive gem through an online alcohol store, offering a seamless solution for enthusiasts seeking premium spirits.