Antrim Vodka Review Pt 1 Antrim Vodka Review Pt 1

Antrim Vodka Review Pt 1

Antrim Vodka Review Pt 1

Antrim Vodka is a brand that is exclusive to Wine & Beyond and Liquor Depot stores located in Western Canada. The label is produced by Highwood Distillers who are situated in High River, Alberta. This drink is distilled thrice from prairie wheat through batch style distillation and contains 40 % alcohol by volume. The spirit is put through different stages for reviewing. For the below review, it was served chilled, sipped neat, swallowed in shots, and finally drunk alongside some good decently food items. The session was closed with a cocktail tasting. You can get this drink through many wine and spirits dealers that sell online.

First Impression: 42/60

Antrim Vodka is linked to “Billy the Kid”, which is a popular character from the movies and television. He was a fictional gunfighter and is strangely linked to the drink. The packaging of this vodka is not the most impressive; it comes in a PET plastic bottle. It is not particularly catchy, though it does make sure that the customer saves a dime or two when they buy.

The First Sip: 51/60

Antrim Vodka was first tasted while still chilled. It was 1 degree in temperature and appeared slightly creamy and thickened. When the full shot glass is brought to the nose and the breezes are felt, one could notice slight accents of grain spice and flour. Besides, there is also a minimal accent of citrus zest lingering in the air.

Upon taking the first sip, this vodka appears soft. It carries a strong taste of grain spice accompanied by hints of lemon. The spirit is sufficiently spicy for anyone to enjoy it without feeling uncomfortable in any way. Once the drink was warmed by its exposure to air, it attained a light burn upon sipping. Note that there are fuel aftertastes as well as a mild metallic tinge hanging in the air. This vodka does not break down to a great degree as many others do. Hence, it can be concluded that it is a decent sipping vodka.

Taking a Shot: 51/60

When the Antrim is served cold, it is very smooth. While taking a ritual shot, the mint-like flavors feel light and cool the throat after you sip it. When the vodka is allowed to warm up to 10 degrees, there is a light sweetness as well as a firm mint-like flavor that you can sense. These appear after you swallow the drink. You may not be able to detect any vegetal taste, but you will notice a light burn when the temperature gets warmer. The Antrim Vodka is doing well as an economic drink.