All The More Reasons To Try Absolut Vodka All The More Reasons To Try Absolut Vodka

All The More Reasons To Try Absolut Vodka

All The More Reasons To Try Absolut Vodka

Since 1879, Absolut Vodka has earned a reputation worldwide for being the finest among its class. A legendary export from Sweden, it remains a favorite choice among drinkers for centuries due to its rich historic tradition.

Owing to its high favor among drinkers, here is a small collection of facts about Absolut Vodka that you may find equally interesting and informative.

The Name

Absolut Vodka

The new distilling techniques adopted by Lars Olsson Smith led to the birth of Absolut Rent Brannvin or Absolutely Pure Vodka, which is what it was originally called. Absolut is the shortened version of the original name and this was to make it easier to read.

The Bottle Seal

L.O. Smith is the founder of Absolut Vodka and the bottle’s seal bears his image. It is said that he brought forth an innovation in distilling liquor without using fusel alcohol, and the result was a spirit that is much cleaner and without any off flavors.

The Licensing

Stockholm’s monopolized liquor industry and its firm rules made L.O. Smith turn down getting a required liquor license. He instead set up a shop on an island to sell his product and offered free ferry rides for anyone willing to visit.

The Bottle Design

The design of the bottles is inspired from the bottles used in the 18th century by many Swedish medical practitioners. This antique medicine bottle design of round, crystal-clear glass made the Absolut brand truly iconic.

The Original Color of the Bottle

Absolut is a brand, which is serving customers worldwide with quality liquor while also keeping up its commitment to the environment. Its sustainable approach to the business has led to the use if recycled glass in making its bottles. This has lent its signature green tint of the bottle, visible only when carefully observed.

Absolut’s Mammoth

Advertising Campaign Absolut has the reputation of running the longest continuous ad campaign in history. It spanned over 1500 ads over a period of 25 years. The campaign ended in 2007, when the company’s share in the American vodka market skyrocketed to its current 45 percent.

Absolut Elyx

Elixer was the perfect name the company could bestow upon its top liquor. However, it was shortened down to Elyx due to many legal pressures that arose over the name’s association with a potential medicine. Elyx is a derivative of the Swedish word for luxury as well.

Absolut Citron

bsolut Citron

It was the world’s first commercially available clear flavored vodka. Introduced in 1988, this was another core flavor from the Absolut family launched after its first flavor Absolut Peppar.