Alberta Premium 30 Year Old Limited Edition Rye Whiskey

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Alberta Premium 30 Year Old Limited Edition Rye Whiskey

For a while there was a rumor going around that Alberta Distillers were about to release a 30-year-old drink, and then they actually went and did that with the Alberta Premium 30 Year Old Limited Edition Rye Whisky. This drink has been a popular one to date, so much so that it is getting more difficult to acquire with each passing day. The people behind the manufacture of this product are Alberta Distillers Limited (ADL), who are among the last active manufacturers of 100 % rye grain whiskey within North America.

This particular drink is distilled out of carefully handpicked Canadian rye grain which is more than 30 years old, and aged inside charred white barrels made of oak. This whiskey is said to be the oldest 100% rye grain whiskey produced in Canada. Below is a discussion on the Alberta Premium 30 Year Old Limited Edition Rye Whisky.

Rye Whiskey

1. In The Bottle: 48/60

This drink is the oldest Rye Whisky made to ever come out to retail in the country of Canada. The bottle is the same as the one used for regular Alberta Premium spirits, as well as the one that was used for the 25-year-old variety. Members of the company hold that this was the best-suited bottle for this particular drink.

One of the main reasons behind the unchanged design is the financial factor. The company simply feels there is no need for a new design, and although this might disappoint a few because of the lack of novelty, it is still a fine specimen worth acquiring.

2. In The Glass: 57/60

When poured into a glass, the 30-year-old rye whiskey displays a golden color which belies its age. When the glass is tilted and twirled, it displays an oily sheen which leaves slow and stubborn legs down the glass surface. The aroma that wafts out of the glass is very interesting, in that it smells of a subtle and firm strain of corn, spicy rye, and Old Macintosh caramel toffee. The overall smell is wonderful. The corn bit is probably a result of aging the drink inside an oak barrel. Chances are the same barrel would have held a corn-based whiskey before that. The spirit spent 30 years in the barrel, and the corn gradually accented the rye during that time. Irrespective of the origin of the scent, the oak and rye is blended beautifully, making for a great overall scent.

After the drink was allowed to decant for about ten minutes, the Macintosh toffee deepened to become a rich brown sugar accompanied with baking spices. It also gives off a scent of cinnamon. Further, the rye turned dry and dusty, resembling a well-ripened field of grain in the autumn months. For someone looking for these things, this is the perfect drink; for others, it is still a decent whiskey to try out.

3. In The Mouth: 57.5/60

Your initial reaction to this drink is probably going to be that it is great. The mellow rye complimented by the caramel oak syrup is simply impressive. Unlike several other drinks, the oak does not turn into bitter sap and smother the remaining flavors. Instead, it melts into the rye and creates a spicy, sweet mix which makes you long for more sips. The corn holds the rye and oak as one beneath all the other flavors.

You also get to taste honey, and aside from that, the feel of rye builds as time passes. You can taste light baking spices, gingerbread, cinnamon, tasty caramel oak syrup, ripened grain, and light baking spices. All these collectively make the whiskey very much lively in the mouth, which means there is not a single moment of discomfort when you drink it. Afterwards, vanilla also shows up among the flavors, which is kind of special. The longer this drink takes to decant, the richer and more complex its flavors turn. In fact, this is a rye whiskey that grows in a glass.

4. In The Throat: 56/60

Rye Whiskey

The passage is a long one down the throat, and the tonsils are literally washed with oak and rye. There is also a fresh wave of cocoa, vanilla, sweet honey, and a swath of grain. A rush of spice follows this, and leaves you with a slight burn in the back of the mouth. This does not cause any unpleasant feelings though. All of that is followed by a dry and dusty feeling which makes you want more sips.

5. The Afterburn 57/60

Overall, the Alberta Premium 30 Year Old Limited Edition is a wonderful whiskey. The specialty of this drink is that you may feel it get better with every try. The rye and oak are very apparent. Moreover, the undercurrents of caramel and corn give this whiskey a complexity as it grows in the glass, and before you drink it.