5 Affordable Scotches That Taste Better Than They Cost

5 Affordable Scotches That Taste Better Than They Cost - Country Wine & Spirits

5 Affordable Scotches That Taste Better Than They Cost

When one thinks of a good cup of scotch, they assume that they will have to spend a lot money, but that isn’t always the case. Here are a few good ideas on how to enjoy your scotch on a budget.

Before we get into specific bottles it is good to know the difference between single malt and blended scotch. Even though blended scotches make up around 90%of sales, a large group of people prefer the single malts. Single malts are made completely from malted barley, while the blends are made from a mixture of different grain.

One bottle that tastes good for the price is, The Glenlevit 12 Year Old. It has a fruity apple and pear scent with a hint of vanilla. It is not very strong which makes it smooth. The Glenffidich 12 Year Old is another choice it is the highest selling bottle of single malt scotch in the world. That means it must be good. A great blended scotch that is a favorite for mixing drinksis Monkey Shoulder, it is very smooth and can also be enjoyed on its own. There are two more that come to mind, one is Highland Park 12 year old and Johnnie Walker Black.

When it comes to scotch, there are two different types: smooth smoky. The smoky scotches are harsher and are better for sipping, while the smooth ones are easier to drink and are used more for mixing.

If you want to relax with a cup of scotch on the rocks, or if you prefer it neat or even mixed in a drink, you can do it without having to empty your wallet. Just choose one of these fine bottles and you won’t be disappointed.