Adams Private Stock Whisky Adams Private Stock Whisky

Adams Private Stock Whisky

Adams Private Stock Whisky

Adams Private Stock Whisky was initially produced by Thomas Adams Distilling Ltd. of Toronto Ontario. Nowadays, it is manufactured by White Rock Distilleries. This whiskey is becoming more difficult to find and buy each day, especially when you try to order liquor online.

The private Stock Whisky used to be one of the most popular spirits in the previous century, but things have changed drastically as far as this label is concerned. Besides, the Liquor Control website and Alberta Gaming have both removed this drink from their lists. Right now for those who remember it, this is one whiskey that would definitely stir up nostalgia. Below is a discussion and review of the Adams Private Stock Whisky.


1. In the Bottle: 4/5

Adams Private Stock is where the advertisements regarding this drink can be found. These ads speak of a crystal decanter within which the whiskey was housed. As the years passed, things changed immensely. Nowadays, the drink is not housed in such complicated places. The appearance is definitely attractive. However, the bottle seems to have lost the charm and inspirational touch that it used to have. The truth is, if the Adams had held on to the market stature that it once had, the whiskey would have been more common and successful today.

2. In the Glass: 8.5/10

Once you pour the whiskey and observe it, the first thing that catches your eye is the color. It is a good attractive amber. In the glass, the whiskey has a great rye-filled nose as well. One of the very first aromas that touch your nostrils is that of cloves, spicy ginger, and an overall fruit-filled scent. A few moments afterward, this smell is interrupted by the caramel and sweeter butterscotch which make their way up slowly.


You will be able to detect a few first signals of astringency. The glass breathes on, opening new possibilities. Now, you can taste the smell and scent of marzipan blending with some sour notes of lightly fermented green apple. You can also expect the taste of marmalade in the drink. These tastes are topped off with a little oak and sandalwood, along with accents of corn. There will also be a slight touch of vanilla, which would complete the round of flavor. The past version of this drink still lives on through the modern one.

3. In the Mouth: 48/60

There might be times when the whiskey is not sipped neat, but this one is sure worth a try. This Canadian Whiskey has its own spin in the category of whiskeys. The flavor of the drink stays true to the Canadian Traditional rye-whiskey taste profile. Note that it has a slightly sour taste as well. Besides, it has a fermented quality which is light and slightly difficult to describe. One can taste conventional bread and butter pickles beneath the layers of normal rye spices. Further, you would also taste caramel or butterscotch flavors in this whiskey.

As you taste those things, the aroma gets to you. There is a gentle feel of juice from canned apricots and syrup from apple, which slips into your senses. You will also feel a slight tinge of dark plums as you gulp it down. All these are indeed interesting features; however, the whiskey does serve up a slight difficulty when sipping. This is mainly due to the mild harshness that combines with the taste of the typical whiskey.

Bear in mind that this whiskey is much better to sip when mixed. There is a possibility that you will get confused as to what brings more pleasure – the great flavor of the ginger-ale and tall rye mix, or the nostalgia associated with it. The combination is certainly worth a try and could even get you hooked; it is certainly one of the best among the wine and spirits you will ever try.

4. In the Throat: 11.5/15

Once you feel the drink make its way down your throat, you can tell that there is a sweetness and sourness of rye spices. This is followed by a caramel feel and a butterscotch touch that is more pronounced. As the drink leaves behind spicy heat, some may feel it to be rough, but others would be fine with this.

5. The Afterburn: 8/10

The Adams Private Stock is definitely one of the drinks that you could sip neat beside the fireplace. It is similar to many of the more economic whiskey products of Canada. The drink is advisable with a long tall cocktail, accompanied by a good deal of ice. When sipped this way, this whiskey does plenty fine. One of the better alternatives is to blend this Canadian rye whiskey with ginger-ale. There are people who prefer to go with cola instead. This option is good, as you have the freedom to choose the flavor that mixes with the soda, and actually gets to your bar drink. The only possible problem is that the whiskey might become even more difficult to find in the coming days.