Absolut Peppar – The First Flavored Vodka in the World Absolut Peppar – The First Flavored Vodka in the World

Absolut Peppar – The First Flavored Vodka in the World

Absolut Peppar – The First Flavored Vodka in the World

The Absolut Peppar flavored vodka was launched in 1986, seven years after the launch of the Absolut Vodka brand. In fact, Absolut Peppar was the first flavored vodka in the world, besides being the first flavored vodka from the Absolut family.

As pepper and vodka are the main ingredients in the Bloody Mary cocktail, Absolut Peppar seemed to make things much easier for the Bloody Mary bars in New York, Boston, and many other cities. The idea was an instant hit and the bartenders were able to make instant cocktails for passionate Bloody Mary lovers.

Absolut Peppar is a vodka that is made from natural ingredients, and like many other best flavored vodkas available in the market, Absolut Peppar does not contain added sugar or sweeteners. The vodka is spicy and hot and features a unique character of chili, green bell, and jalapeño pepper.

Absolut Way of Vodka Making

Lars Olsson Smith introduced the process of continuous distillation in 1879, with which, he made the Absolut Rent Brännvin. In the process of continuous distillation, the vodka is distilled numerous times, rather than the usual three or four times. Absolut Peppar is also made by continuous distillation, but with the added taste of pepper.


Like all the other members of the Absolut family, Absolut Peppar is also made in Åhus, L.O., which is the birthplace of Smith. As the process of continuous distillation will never change, the true taste of Absolut Peppar will also be the same.

Ingredients of Absolut Peppar

The major ingredients of Absolut Peppar are the famous Absoult Vodka and pepper flavor. The vodka is made from winter wheat and water that is taken from a deep well in Åhus that is protected from impurities.

The winter wheat to make Absolut Peppar is also cultivated in the city and its cultivation differs from that of other crops. The wheat is sown in fall and is harvested only at the next fall. It grows under the Swedish snow and develops a hard grain, which is used in the production of Absolut Peppar. There is only minimal use of fertilizers and the pepper used in production is as natural as all the other ingredients.

Bottling Note

In the opinion of experts, Absolut Peppar is spicy and full-bodied vodka from Sweden that is made with creamy and pure Absolut Vodka. Abolut Peppar is perfect to make a corking Bloody Mary.