A Quick Review of Tomatin 18 Year Old (Single Malt)

A Quick Review of Tomatin 18 Year Old (Single Malt) - Country Wine & Spirits

A Quick Review of Tomatin 18 Year Old (Single Malt)

Situated in Inverness, Scotland, the Tomatin Distillery is where the Tomatin 18 Year Old (Single Malt) is produced. As the name implies, this spirit gets aged for 18 years inside refillable oak casks; after that, it is finished inside Oloroso sherry casks. Upon bottling, it holds a 46% alcohol content.

Single Malt

1. In the Bottle: 9/10

We give this drink top points for presentation. The stylish black and white box has a label and font that anyone can read easily; plus, tasting notes on the both the box’s and bottle’s back labels are a considerate touch, letting customers know what to expect when they try this drink for the first time. This is no exaggeration.

2. In the Glass: 7.5/10

The Tomatin 18 year is copper-bronze colored, with persistent medium-fat legs that extend into slow-moving medium legs. The initial aroma reminds one of oak spice and sherry wood with raisins, prunes, ginger and even bits of vanilla. When decanted, it gives off bits of baking spices, chocolate fudge, and tobacco. The Oloroso casks clearly display their effect here, with some of the typical barley malt hovering in the background.

3. In The Mouth: 7/10

Smooth and sweet in the beginning, this spirit lets the oak spice explode to the fore right after heating the palate. The flavor starts off with hints of apricots and raisin, which are quickly followed by ginger, spice, and oak. Then you’re hit with a cacophony of baking spices and vanilla towards the end. The follow up comprises a bold impression of what can best be described as fruitcake, with some smokiness and hints of dates, figs, mixed nuts, and tobacco.

4. In The Throat: 9/10

This spirit has a long, full-bodied and sweetened finish, carrying bits of sugared dry fruit and fudgy chocolate during the swallow. Flavor hints of oak spice, dates, and raisins linger in the aftertaste.

5. The Afterburn: 8/10

The finish, being long and sweet, greatly elevates the quality of what could otherwise have been just another well-packaged whisky you happened upon. Lovers of Sherried whisky are sure to score this higher than others, but even those favoring, say, bourbon cask, would find it hard not to appreciate the Tomatin 18 year. It is certainly worth a buy if you are generally interested in Scotch single malts.