A Quick Review of the Irishman Vintage Cask

A Quick Review of the Irishman Vintage Cask - Country Wine & Spirits

A Quick Review of the Irishman Vintage Cask

The Irishman Vintage Cask 2018 is a new arrival in the liquor world. Yet it is dubbed as Ireland’s most in-demand whiskey now. The main characteristic is that it is aged in American Oak casks and is distilled 3 times during the production stage. 

Every year, Bernard Walsh picks a few casks to make Super Premium Cask Strength Irish Whiskey. It is made in very limited quantities, with just about 3,510 bottles produced annually. Nonetheless, every bottle is made uniquely and bears specific numbers and signs. The previous year’s expression said that the drink comprised of 24% alcohol.

In the Bottle: 10/10

The bottle of the Irishman Vintage Cask 2018 is a little expensive than the Founder’s Reserve retailing. The high-standard presentation of the whiskey is a part of its legacy. It arrives in an impressive wooden case with a metal latch, which contains a personalized and dated certificate for every bottle it sells.

The bottle with the whiskey is a squat long-necked bottle and has a bubbled neck making it convenient to grab. Besides, this also facilitates smooth pouring without spillage. The overall labeling and marking are also very impressive indeed.

In the Glass: 9/10

The drink has a copper or amber hue. Initial aroma is flavored with almond, leather, burlap, and vanilla. The decanted aroma is mixed with hints of maple and leather. In addition, it has notes of oak and toffee along with vanilla and almond, while you can feel hints of ginger spice and cinnamon underneath as well. Overall, the whiskey appears well balanced.

In the Mouth: 8/10

The whiskey has a deep impact on the tonsils. The initial impression of the drink is that of butterscotch, vanilla, nutty barley, almond, and oak spice. It also has a taste of malted barley alongside menthol and heather. There is an extra sweetness of canned apricots and presence of marmalade.

The whiskey is best enjoyed if it is allowed to breathe for 10-15 minutes. If it is served with ice, the heat is much more controlled and the barley outshines the rest of the tastes. Moreover, if you mix the drink with the old-fashioned whiskey barrel aged bitters and let the ice melt into the cocktail, the wait would be totally worth it.

In the Throat: 8.5/10

The finish is medium to full body, which is accompanied by a long finish. While you swallow, you tend to get a mixed taste of vanilla, almond, butterscotch, and melded oak spice.