A Quick Review of Absolut Vodka A Quick Review of Absolut Vodka

A Quick Review of Absolut Vodka

A Quick Review of Absolut Vodka

In 1879, a Swedish spirits manufacturer and politician Lars Olsson Smith established Absolut. Produced in Åhus, Sweden, Absolut challenged the liquor market. In 1917 it monopolized the country’s alcohol industry, sold under the name "Absolut Rent Brännvin" (Absolutely pure spirit).

It was 1979 when Absolut Vodka was presented to the world. Early 1980s New York was the time when Absolut Vodka was most praised by the creative community. It currently sells over 100 million liters of vodka every year.

The Bottle


One thing often mentioned in an Absolut vodka review is the distinctive bottle. The inspiration behind the bottle comes from an 18th-century medicine bottle found in an antique store in Stockholm, Sweden.

The bottle of Absolut is very different from the tall bar models of the past. As the company strives for sustainability today each bottle of this high-end product is made of 40% recycled glass, in an energy-efficient distillery. This efficient version still contains 40% vol. of Absolut vodka quality alcohol.

Dive in the flavor

Made from winter wheat, absolut vodka reviews acknowledge it as the cleanest-tasting vodka on the market. The distillers at Absolut review the quality of each ingredient. The grainy spice gives richness and complexity, and the hint of lemon balsam completes the smooth taste. Consumed warm, the flavor is more intense and with a bitter finish.

Shots, sips & cocktails

A cold Absolut Vodka shot slips smoothly down your throat and gives you a little spicy flavor. You can also enjoy the flavor of Absolut Vodka while sipping it. The aftertaste on the other hand, when warm is, a bit more bitter and with a higher intensity. There are also so many cocktail recipes that incorporate Absolut Vodka from sweet, through savory, to sour.

Our final take on the taste

What’s the conclusion of our Absolute Vodka reviews? Absolut Vodka has the absolute quality and clean taste thanks to its deep well water. The taste is so smooth and easy on your senses - perfect for party shots, chill sipping and all types of vodka-based cocktails.



What is absolute vodka made from?

Absolut Vodka quality comes from its ingredients. The vodka is made from winter wheat which are strains of wheat planted in the autumn to become young plants that remain in the vegetative phase winter time. 

They resume growth in early spring. Another key ingredient is the fresh, crisp Swedish water. With 60% of the vodka being water, Absolut sources its water locally from wells more than 140 meters deep.

What is the best flavor of Absolut vodka?

Absolut Raspberri is one of Absolut’s most flavorful varieties. It’s mixed with fresh raspberries and there is no added sugar- with a strong and sweet aroma and clear color.
Absolut Mango is another much-loved flavor. The vodka is mixed with natural mango flavors and with no additives. Great for summer chilled cocktails.

Absolut Vanilla is another favorite taste. Vanilla is rich and versatile. 

Can we drink Absolut vodka neat?

Absolut Vodka is great to drink neat or by itself. When consumed cold the heat is dull. Historically, traditionally, vodka is best served very cold which makes it smoother, paired with food.

Is Absolut Vodka top shelf?

Absolut is a premium brand because of its consistent quality that you’ll be able to assure even on the morning after. It’s a great mixer that goes great with many other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and the price is affordable.

What goes well with Absolut vodka?

Absolut Vodka goes great with almost anything, as any Absolut review will note. Grapefruit juice is a great option if you’re not into sweet taste. Ginger beer, still, freshly-squeezed, fizzy lemonade, the classic cranberry juice, or orange juice. For a tropical vibe try pineapple juice, or just with tonic. If you like it savory, add some tomato juice.